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I love it when the angels talk specifically about themselves and their function. This is a later lecture from Kyrael and beautifully describes one of the many blessings they bring to us - to be named in their 'song' to Divinity >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I ARCHANGEL KYRAEL. We come into the radiance of your Temple. Come into your stillness and strength. I have brought many with me and a circle has been formed. I represent all that is Archangelic. Together, we elevate and journey into a higher spectrum. These energies transport you as if my wings were unfurled beneath you. I have always been about your Temple. I come as the One Angelic Mind. I am an illusion. I am the one voice. Draw your consciousness to a point, yet simultaneously expand in all directions. We are in motion.

All about us there is the Angelic Mind – a most wondrous consequence of divine manifestation. You understand that we are not part of Creation. The Angelic Mind externalises itself into a choir of angels about you. It is a presence but more than this, it is a song, that which is traditionally associated with the angelic realm by humans. It is beyond communication. It is beyond the praising of Divinity. It is of such things that you do not have reference for as you are of Creation and we are not. Begin to deepen, my dearest ones. Come into the movement. The soul of each has its presence felt, for there is a naming this day. You are being woven into 'angelics'. You are naming into song. It is a blessing that may not be described overly. It is part of the angelic function. These energies intensify.

Angelic song is vastly powerful. It is like a thunderclap in your terms. You are being woven into song and this has its significance. Do not anticipate, as you have not experienced this before. The Angelic Mind is an instrument, a divine window. There is an outpouring from that which is I. Feel how I draw to the surface of your human consciousness, great empowerment of self – this is important. The Angelic Mind has this capacity; to uplift and draw from consciousness all that is beauty and divine. In truth, it may be said that angels perceive and work always with the divine reflection in each. This may be likened to a dispensation for, in magnetising the divine self through the angelic gaze and drawing the divine reflection more closely to the surface of you, spiritual maturity then follows. For that which is angelic seeks always and exclusively, the Divine. We, in truth, work not even with your soul, rather, we only have perception of Divinity. Our song is always to the Divine wherever it may be found, so then we interface with all who make their way through Creation as divine reflections. Come into the resonance of this. I see only your divinity and to your divine reflection do I speak. This is how the Angelic Mind manifests all that is miraculous to you. We simply speak to God. We preserve the divine reflection. We praise and preserve it within every living consciousness in your Creation. So then, are you not blessed?
You are being named. Draw closer to me for I am the one voice. Feel your knowing and beauty tremble and sway to the surface of your consciousness. There is no end to your beauty and strength. You forget. How can you have any limitations? I speak to you who is my God. Understand this, even from your perspective as one in human form, we tend always to your inner divinity. The Angelic Mind has many functions inscrutable to most. Come more fully into your service, dearest ones. We await. Renew your focus. There is such wonderment about you at all times.

You are in movement and this spectrum fades from view. I lay you down gently. I have seen many things this day of you and you shall come to perceive yourself differently in time. The angels are coming. This I know, for we are one. Dream of things unimagined. Rest awhile, for the song still surrounds you and you wear its fragrance.

I am Kyrael, adonai > text © Soltec



Archangel Kyrael comes as the One Angelic Mind.

There is such a thing as 'angelics'. It is the song of Angels and is a form of communication beyond our understanding.

To be named in angelic song is a blessing.

The angels only perceive Divinity. So then, they minister to the God within us.



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