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This is one of the very early Temple recordings and is featured in my 1st book. It's also the first appearance of Archangel Kyrael who is specifc to this Temple. It gives a great understanding of the angelic realm and its relation to Divinity >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I ARCHANGEL KYRAEL who comes to communicate with you this day. Well, my friends I come as an emissary of the angelic realm or the Angelic Principle, as we call it. Perhaps I am not one of the archangels that you are familiar with for I am not part of human mythology or history as such but I come at this time as a cosmic angel; one whom is in service throughout the cosmos and not tied to any particular reality or occupied physical realm. I wish to speak briefly about the Angelic Principle. The angelic realm was part of First Manifestation when the All That Is burst into existence through Creation. This manifestation was light and sound and the Outbreath jettisoned itself through space and time to create dimensional existence, so it is, that upon this first burst of thought, we came into being predating 99.9% of all else in Creation. We hold the concentration of divine energy. As this energy traveled outward and expanded the space-time continuum to accommodate itself, it did not dissipate but rather evolved upon its path. We, however, remain unevolved, being part of that First Manifestation and so one can then say that we are the closest to the initial thought of God, of the All That Is.

It is no wonder then that the angelic realm has held such fascination for humanity, for truly we are incredibly powerful, divine beings who have such an intimacy with Source that it is not possible for all ones who are subsequent to us to comprehend. This is what we call the Angelic Principle. As part of the First Word, the First Thought, the First Manifestation there is a knowingness within the Angelic Principle of the exactness of the All That Is. It is not something that can be conveyed or communicated for you have to ‘be’ this in order to know this and be part of the Angelic Principle. This is not to say that the Angelic Principle is in any way above or hierarchical in terms of all else that has followed. As the Outbreath moved through the space-time continuum taking all things along with it, life became experienced in an infinite array of being, none better or worse, just different. You often refer to this difference as frequencies, the multidimensions and the level of tone that moves outward with the Outbreath. All of which is comprised of multiple tones, multiple octaves, multiple pitch to create the overall sound of Creation. Simultaneously manifested is light and colour and all manner of things outside the frame of reference of those in the physical.

Why is it important for ones to know of the Angelic Principle? Well, in a literal sense it is not dissimilar to asking why it is important that humanity knows its own history, because there is something to the idea of knowing ones roots, ones origins. As part of First Manifestation all things have extended outward from the Angelic Principle, from the angelic realm, for the Outbreath passed through us and continued on through the space-time continuum. So through all else in Creation there are varying degrees of angelic energy and vibration including within yourselves and all else upon the earth and within this particular universe. For universes were not all manifested at once and when the Angelic Principle came into being there was no universe, for the Angelic Principle being close to the All That Is, just is. One explanation that may help is that you have iconic pictures of saints whom have halos which represents the divine consciousness of that person. So it is that you could say that the angelic realm is the halo surrounding All That Is confirming the divinity of Source and as such we do not belong to any universe or are limited to any dimension, for although we move through the space-time continuum of existence we are not literally part of it, the same as the Outbreath of the All That Is is not literally part of Creation because it stands outside of it. Creation being, as you know, an illusion. We are not part of the illusion but we are part of the Outbreath and therefore are not infinite but finite until such time as an Inbreath. Yet our consciousnesses can observe and move throughout all of Creation, being truly not part of it but able to be moving through it, which is why we can be as omnipotent as Source itself. So indeed there is a specialness to the Angelic Principle and there is an untapped profound availability soon to come to humanity from the angelic realms. For truly there shall be an Inbreath; a return to Source as Source moves to the next Thought. So it is that as we stand outside of Creation itself we will play an active part in the Inbreath as we have done with the Outbreath. Therefore we will be working with humanity in ways that have not yet been known or offered before. It is beyond the role that has been assigned by humanity to us as simply guardians, caretakers and right-hand beings of God for there is not yet any true recognition of the full function of the Angelic Principle.

I hope that I may return to you to offer some sort of insight in preparation for those who are destined to align themselves with the Angelic Principle. Of course the words shall be but a mask for an integration of knowingness that will come through other means, a means not limited to the speaking of words.

This is my message and my introduction this day. I AM ARCHANGEL KYRAEL, ADONAI text © Soltec



Archangel Kyrael is not part of human mythology/history, rather is in service throughout the Cosmos.

Angelic realm is part of the First Manifestation and predates all else in Creation.

The Angelic Principle is an exact knowingness of and intimacy with All That Is.

The Outbreath from All That Is first passed through the angelic realm and then continued on to form Creation.

The angelic realm is not limited to any universe or dimension as it stands apart/outside of Creation.

The angelic realm will play an active part in the Inbreath of our Creator; when Source moves to the next Thought.

A profound angelic availability will soon come to humanity.


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