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An empowering message from a powerful Archangel and with a purposeful simplicity. Integrating this message will be a life-changing event and I encourage you to start now . . . >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. You immediately journey into a higher spectrum of consciousness. Feel how comfortably you fit within the greater context of your Creation. Your universe supports you and I bring with me an embodiment of the Angelic Principle. We do not grace your Temple this day but rather, you come in its place – you who are each a living Temple. Gather to yourself that which is yours and draw your consciousness into a greater focus. Feel how extraordinary your sense of self becomes and how you stretch outward into all dimensions. You begin to remember. There is a strengthening and a momentum to the energies of you.

I come as a consequence of Divine Presence. I am an emissary for Divine Devotion. This is actual. These words are not important but rather, the proximity to this archangelic vibration is. I have witnessed you since you burst into Creation and I witness you still. We are in movement and journey higher. Gather to you what is yours. These energies build as you strengthen and the 'call' that is you becomes empowered. For you may speak and all of Creation will hear your voice. To summon – what does this mean? To command – how is this done? The 'call' of you journeys into the lineage of your soul's impression upon your world and all worlds subsequent. Do you know, there are many earths. Your world is a stepping stone. Come into your vastness. There are many rivers running through you and your consciousness is expanding. With no measure of space and time, you would be astonished how it is that you are in movement, for the human self simply perceives time. All the while, your consciousness and all consciousness, is evermore extending the boundaries of Creation. You have already journeyed to the end of time. Know this to be true.

Your God awaits and anticipates you. The living energy of all and life itself. Look to your heartbeat. You understand the simplicity of this. You are an emissary. You are a Temple and all that this implies. What is a Temple but the house of God by your definition. I say to you, bring the Godself forward upon your earth. The angels minister as they have always done and you have a greater perception of this, so then you are privileged. Breathe God's breath and hear God's heartbeat. It is so simple, you know this. Look to your breath, it is the most wonderful thing in your world. Your simple act of breathing is a tangible movement of consciousness. Come into your gratitude, my dearest ones is, it is a timely reminder. We gently descend.

How wonderful that you are a living Temple and an emissary for the grace that you receive. I see how this grace and your expansion dance outward from you – perhaps, like snowflakes landing upon those whom God brings near to you. There is always a continuum. You hold nothing to you and only think that you do. Perpetual movement of the Outbreath. The more that you yourself receive, the more that your world also receives. It has always been this way. Some humans are greater conduits than others, for you have free will in this regard. Your speech will be golden. We, the Angelic Mind and those who serve you as Masters, speak with many layers of meaning. We speak as a carrier for energy and as a triggering of remembrance. These qualities may also be summoned to you.

I am Michael and I am God's word to you. > text © Soltec



Our collective consciousness is expanding the boundaries of Creation.

We have already journeyed to the end of time.

Within Creation, you can summon to you all that is connected to you.

You are encouraged to bring your Godself more into this world and to be the living Temple that you are..



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Soltec is an Australian channel who over the last 20 years, has developed an intimate friendship with the Ascended Masters. He shares their messages with you through the White Star Temple

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