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I really love this message. To me it is simple yet profound and makes perfect sense. It is also deeply reassuring. I hope you enjoy it too >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I your friend AKHNATON. We sense the radiance of your Temple forming, for it journeys with you as each comes as the living Temple of self. Many are about us, such as your guides and teachers who hold fast to the 'idea' of you in your human form and ensure that the light within you remains perceivable.

There forms about us a greater expanse which we call the 'ocean of consciousness' where we release all sense of separation and containment. You gently come into a higher point of integration. It is an ocean of love from which Spirit draws. It is an ocean of Supreme Intelligence from which all inspiration arrives. It is an ocean of the deepest sacredness, where Spirit meets itself and calls it holy. It is an ocean which receives all that is angelic.

The idea of you is far away yet still connected. You come into Divine Will - it is what holds this ocean together. It is the voice that is never heard but always understood. There is newness coming, we sense this, for the ocean of consciousness formulates, yet it holds not a structure of thought. There is a consensus which we sense. Creation has come into agreement and when Creation and Divine Will align, then Templates change for all dimensions.

The angels (such a beautiful manifestation), are keenly felt here. You come into a sense of this far beyond human recognition;. You come into a remembrance of the deepest wonderment, astonishment even, that such a manifestation as the Angelic Presence is ours to behold. You feel their nearness. Come into this experience, for it is exquisite as the angels pass over the waters of this consciousness of Creation. For humans, a point of reference is that angels can be messengers. The greatest message that the angels bring is their very presence. That they exist, is the message and in so existing, reveal to us the enormity of Divine Love. They are not messengers - they are the message. They come closely to see you in the oneness of Creation and even merged as we are, they see into every consciousness. For, they have perception of things where we do not. They see with Divine eyes and so see truly, seeing also what must be so. So then, we are observed in this manner and we take shelter and sanctuary in this understanding. For you in your human consciousness, that which is, must be so.

We disengage and funnel our consciousness out of the ocean and into experience. Our guides and teachers and those whom are ascended, are revealed about us once more. There is a symmetry of joy that we see plainly; the dance of Creation and the joy of creating.
I am Akhnaton, adonai > text © Soltec



There is a newness coming into Creation; a changing of 'templates' which affects all dimensions.

Humans sometimes regard angels as messengers. They are not messengers as they are the message and through their very existenc, reveal Divine Love.

The angels see us as we truly are and what must be so for us.



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