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How to Become an Authentic Channel

Welcome to your first important step in becoming an authentic channel. My name is Soltec and I’ve been a professional channel in my home country of Australia for more than 20 years. In that time I have repeatedly been asked both ‘how do you learn to channel?’ and ‘how do you know you’re really channelling?’. This book then, is my reply and was developed for those who wish to awaken their channelling ability with the secure knowledge that they will enjoy an authentic and safe experience.

Channelling isn’t difficult. In fact it is a perfectly natural and joyous gift open to you from your soul and Spirit. In my opinion you can’t learn channelling as it is ALREADY part of your inner being and by it’s very nature is deeply experiential. Yet, you can acquire techniques and information which will enable you to confidently explore this channelling ability you already have . . .

There are 4 key elements that I’ve identified as essential to the authentic channelling experience. I will explore each of these key elements with you, sharing my own experience and proven procedures. Included is a Channelling Run Sheet plus sample channellings to explore. Also included is my Audio Book version so you can access this information in a way that suits you best.

INCLUDES : A comprehensive manual (36p, pdf printable) plus Audio version

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