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reetings dearest ones, it is I Archangel Kyrael who journeys to you as you elevate your perceptions returning to the vastness of your spirit and the embrace of the infinite Many of which you are part. And I am with you and this is actual, know this to be true, as all of Creation forms about us in this instance. I come always as representative of the One Angelic Mind and you sense me strongly in this moment.

Everything becomes exponential within greater Spirit, this you understand. Everything gains upon itself. Your soul is not separate from this and you name it ‘expansion’ yet it is so much more. ‘Unfoldment’ is a good word and we use this often. You are both unfolding and unfurling. Though we must speak by way of language these are two good words, remembering that you are all that you ever are in this moment but it is an unfurling, that in a manner you unwind into all that you ever are. That is a powerful sentiment and is in alignment with your soul’s perpetual self-revealing and therefore as an aspect of your soul these things apply to you also, the difference being that you unfold literally within time highlighted and enhanced by your use of free will.

I perceive you fully formed, that is the Angelic way. And though perhaps it seems a contradiction that you are perpetually in self-revealment (this unfurling) yet in fact are seen in your completeness, it is so. The vision of you is unending yet also complete for you understand it is all held within the mind of God. When we speak of the idea of ‘complete’ and ‘completion’ it is not always in the same sense that your language suggests. Perhaps a more accurate word is a sense of totality, wholeness and absolute.

You return to the Breath as it passes between you and all else of Creation. Your sense of containment is no more. And words this night have been read of the bliss of your Divine embrace made actual through your conscious awareness that is to say, made actual because you simply exist. We whom are Angelic serve always and irrevocably the one named Creator, this you know, and we witness you in many, many things. Foremost we witness you in this embrace, do you see, and in our observance we affirm that it is so, not to you for our experience is always Divinity. We affirm you to Divinity and that is a powerful distinction. We affirm back to the Divine your soul’s absolute magnificence and the journey you take as you unfold into that which you already are. And we witness you also in the human domain, do we not, though for the most part we of ourselves remain unobserved by you. And you know this, you understand it.

Do not seek the past dearest ones that is to say, a meticulous undoing or analysis, not overly, for you are everything that you are and the human experience is ephemera. Nothing can impede this unfurling of which I speak, of you. It is assured and already is, but the gift from the One Whom is All is that through your conscious awareness you experience a journey of self-revealing ever more open-ended, for just as with the Divine, just as with Divinity Itself, you are infinite. You are so used to the idea of ‘finite’ you do not see this nor feel it, the quarantine is complete we may say, of this your illusion. So then, the riches of what you deem the past are never-ending and just as a beautiful, winding and perpetual stream it is best that you allow it to flow through your fingers and be not grasping.

There is literally a flow of life and you sense it. And what it is I am attempting to say in language is that as you are infinite and infinitely unfolding there is no sense then ultimately in holding fast to anything that is what has gone before by your reckoning. The flow of life is such that it is a flow, this you understand. Nothing can dissipate, nothing is lost and so then there is not a requirement to recapture, to hold fast to do you see, save that which occurs in your domain of wondrous illusion. Those things simply evaporate once you step outside of time and its context within place. Though there are indeed imprints everywhere of you within your dimension that is where they remain.

Be as your spirit as best you may; ever flowing, ever moving, ever conscious and ever loving. The emanations of your spirit that I have the privilege to perceive are breathtakingly beautiful. Emanation upon emanation, the signals we may say, that flow outward from you becoming part of Creation and which return to the One Whom is All. Feel even as I speak how you are gaining upon yourself and how there is a fluidity within you that finds its rhythm always within the greater Movement. Your flow of life, yours. There is a naming upon it and we speak of it this the naming within your soul for we are Angelic and that is part of our function - a naming - or more accurately the Angelic song, a song-line perhaps where we sing of your spirit everlasting. I am with you for wherever the Divine is manifest we form as if a halo surrounding and witnessing the beauty created and that beauty is you, each of you.

Breathe, that is your birthright; the One Breath. And you are deepening and I am falling with you. There is a love between us, between humanity and the idea of we whom are angelic, that is so astoundingly unique that you sense it, you recall it. And humanity is much loved by those who exist within Creation. You are always adored from many quarters. Those souls whom choose human expression are much loved for then the human experience is seeded and being not separate all of Creation gains a sense of humanity. We have said this elsewhere and long ago that your journey into the human domain is a gift that you bring to Creation and not simply your spirit. Cherish this, cherish these thoughts, make them your own.

The word ‘playfulness’ has been used also this night and I say to you the Angels are playful and though there is a fierceness that is with us that is part of our authority and a great, great love, there is this playfulness. It is inherent, innate, it arrives from the Divine mind always, translates into joy, joyousness. We perceive the pattern of Creation in its organic form - perhaps it seems an odd word to use, I have no other. A form that is not perceivable while you are within Creation only from being absent from Creation as such are we whom are Angelic. And in our witnessing of Divine Creation and our movement with it and through it, we affirm in both directions that is to say, to the Divine mind and to those whom exist within Creation, the astounding (I am seeking words) the mesmerising pattern that is being reworked, reimagined in infinite variation, to appear, to spontaneously appear as something so extraordinary, so very extraordinary, that we can only wonder at the unending potential.

Words fail as often they do and though I speak by way of description it is to stimulate feeling and a remembrance held deeply, deeply within you and to show you and remind you of the sacredness that is all. I see you so then I am blessed and in this moment I over-light you. Come into the breath and your sense of returning, that is a good word. We may say that as your spirit moves within Creation that rather than you becoming more divine, Divinity is becoming more of you, do you see - that is an important distinction and powerfully so. Come into the resonance of this wisdom imparted and feel how right it is that you exist, how right it is that Creation has a place for you. Many times we have said, in your absence Creation could not be.

Feel these things for they are of you and your spirit understands this. If you can, as best you may while held within human perception, come to feel this rightness then everything would begin to change for you. And the biggest change would be joy do you see, for your soul is in perpetual bliss understanding the rightness of its existence. Not that you have a ‘right’ to existence for that is irrelevant but that you exist is right. Come into the feeling of this, come into the fullness of it, the absoluteness of it, the buoyancy of it. For you in human expression gaining a sense of it is so very, very empowering and important. We may extrapolate and definitively say it is ‘right’ that you exist in human form also. It is right for your world and worlds similar. No-one and no circumstance can make this absent, can make this not right. Everything is right for you and we whom are Angelic help make it so.

I love you and have always loved you in a manner that Creation cannot understand. You are changing this I see, the human you. The high-point of your soul does not change it simply comes into self recognition but you it's human aspect, you are changing, an experience unique to the physical dimension of free will. That is incredibly exciting. Be pleased, be very well pleased with the self. What you take as a given, what you take for granted, all arrives from the One Whom is All. The movement of Creation translates into a physical domain as change. It is a beautiful concept this idea of change. Exercise your will, exercise your will.

And I AM KYRAEL, ADONAI. > text © Soltec


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