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Akhnaton reminds us of our uniqueness in all of Creation and how our Soul is always in communion with Divinity. >> SOLTEC


earest ones, it is your friend AKHNATON. We elevate our consciousness and flow effortlessly into an ocean of love. We pass through the many gateways of your Temple. We come into a remembrance of where we have been before. Come into a moment of joy. You have travelled farther than any human lifetime. From the Alpha point have you journeyed and continue to do so. Much have you gathered into the heart of your soul and you, in essence, are wise beyond belief. Through these words, I wish to impress upon you the ancientness of your being, even though all is held within the Eternal One Moment.

Bring your focus to me as I am a guiding hand at this time. There is a journey that we continue. Sense the ancientness of you – the Divine Paradox of that which reaches back to the dawn of Creation yet is but a moment old. There is a sequence. It is not a passage of time but it is a knowing and understanding of one's place within the blueprint. It is a sense of an unfolding, though not held within space and time. We elevate once more and you begin to experience an intensity of energy. Your perception and awareness opens. While in human consciousness your placement within the sequence has significance. The soul of you is always transmitting to the Divine Mind and receiving, likewise. More accurately, it is the Singularity of you which interfaces with Divinity. You begin to receive, while held within the illusion of time, what the Singularity of you has integrated long ago.

You are ancient. The pathway was written at the beginning point. God spoke. You became manifest and with you came uniqueness and a journey that is yours alone. It may not be walked by any other soul and is woven into the greater sequence of this thought form of Creation. It is a pathway assigned to you that shall never exist in this manner again. We have often spoken of the uniqueness of each and this is a more profound perception of it. I bring these high energies to impress upon you more fully how astonishing it is to have been given such uniqueness. Each soul is offered this through the prism of life in whatever dimension, yet particularly so within your third dimension of physicality. It is part of integrating your magnificence as a child of God but uniquely so a child of God. Understand, that in all the universes of existence your soul is one-of-a-kind. You are a unique manifestation; a reflection of Divinity that is not mirrored elsewhere. Your fellow beings, likewise, are a unique reflection so that to look upon others is to see the face of God.

Journey inwards to self-awareness, a gratitude and excitement, in response to this greater understanding. Your receptivity broadens as these energies reveal themselves to be very powerful. The presence of your soul comes upon us like a beautiful mist. The soul is such an incredible thing and it is always wondrous to experience the Soul Presence of any consciousness. So then, I am enjoying you. Your Soul Presence is gentle this day, for to be within the fullness of 'you' is far too powerful for your human mind.

There is a gathering. The impetus is there though it may not be conscious to the mind. For there is a sequence and your Temple journey reflects this and much has been orchestrated. You shall gather and many things will journey to you as you become ever more mindful of soul directives and an awakening to service in ways not yet contemplated. Work with the Ascended Ones. Together, you hold a greater Diamond Consciousness and just like a prism, much flows through it – more than you realise. Feel the resonance of its appropriateness to you, for we honour your free will and your soul has eternity within which to reveal itself. I remind you that life is a joyous thing and your spiritual journey, likewise. These words are not a burden and are lightly borne.

I am with you and was once known as Akhnaton. > text © Soltec



Your soul and its Singularity is transmitting to the Divine Mind.

Your soul and its journey is unique within Creation. Within all the universes, you are one-of-a-kind.

Become more mindful of your soul's directives.

Remember, that both life and your spiritual journey are joyous.


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