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Sanat K

A simple, hearfelt lecture from the early years of the Temple which uplifts and supports us. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones it is your friend SANAT KUMARA who comes into this beautiful Temple outside of the space/time continuum. The energy field held within this Temple is truly magnificent at this time because of those who are here, including of course your own personal energies. I congratulate each of you for I see the matrix of light that you are. I see how dazzling you are, and shall be. Within this Temple you are not tied to linear time or time itself and so you can manifest here as your overarching self and that self is truly beautiful. Within this self is held all of the experiences from this timeline, all of the steps along the path that have led you to the dazzling, astonishing self that you are.

There is great comfort to this knowledge. Although while in human consciousness you may find it challenging to acknowledge or to integrate this idea of the beautiful self, it is enough to know through confirmation from ones such as myself, that you have already become the radiant, enlightened being that you seek to become. All occurs simultaneously so that this or any lifetime is but the fine detail of how it is that you have come to manifest the overarching self. As we have learned recently, it is not so much that you are becoming more God-like or God-realized but that God is becoming more of 'you' and this distinction is truly profound. How nourishing, inspiring and touching to know that God chooses to become you, expand through you, love through you, become more of you in ways that are completely unable to be expressed. So truly God is really the self, not the self is God.

Although my energies are greatly expanded I draw them to you in a very gentle supporting way this day. Perhaps you are beginning to feel as though you are floating upon a pillar of air for my energy field sustains you at this time, is lifting you, so to speak. All the pinpoints of light that are your energy field are sparkling, are dancing, are moving in the eternal rotation of the spiraling universes. They sparkle this day as they do every day, for the sheer joy of being alive within God's Creation and for God breathing into them. These pinpoints of light are the manifestation of your consciousness yet are also the manifestation of that Godself. They are like tiny little diamonds that reflect outward and inward. These molecules are smaller than any particle you can conceive of and are so excited to be you, to be the fabric or matrix of you, your blueprint and so on. Indeed it is exciting to be you and you are such a wonderful gift to the rest of Creation even though from within your timeline in this place called earth, it seems so far from the truth. Perhaps it is all merely intellectualized, a concept but not a knowing.

I come to confirm that your presence within Creation (all of the multiple universes, all of the bubbles of reality) is a gift to Creation itself. How could it not be? You are God given and therefore you are an incredible offering. For God could imagine no less than you and all else within Creation that is you. It is timely to have these reminders as you enter into a new cycle. Your soul cries out and calls for nourishment for you.

Well, the lightest of touches I place upon you and I hope that you bring into your reality this lightness so that as you walk your path you will not be weighed down by the illusions of life and you will be reminded in a tiny fashion, of the overarching you that dances.

I AM your friend, SANAT KUMARA, ADONAI. > text © Soltec



You are already the radiant, enlightened being you seek to become within simultaneous Creation.

God chooses to become you and to expand and love through you.

It is a wonderful gift to be you and you are a wonderful gift to Creation for you are God given.

God could imagine no less than you.

You are entering into a new cycle.


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