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Sanat K

A timely reminder of how significant each of us is within our human existence. We are encouraged to come into our magnificence and be mindfull of our effect on others. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest children of the light, it is I SANAT KUMARA. I smile with such warmth and joy to be with you. It is no mean feat to exist in the physical as you do. It is far easier and natural to exist without limitation, so you undertake something that is indeed extraordinary compared with your natural state of existence. You chose it for God did not say, 'you must do this'. Yet, God does set before you parameters within which to grow your soul and its contribution to the unfoldment of eternity - that one moment that goes on forever. Do you know, that it is just enough for you to be here as, within the scheme of things, what you do and do not do is quite irrelevant. Breathing is already a major triumph. Smiling and laughter likewise, is a major triumph, tears also. Everything within your physical existence is to be celebrated for it is extraordinary. I have not experienced the physicality that you have but I am not without form.

It is such a joy to be part of the most beautiful unfoldment that is your life's destiny. It is what Divinity has placed before you at the beginning of your time and which, like a most marvelous, cascading fountain, pours forth throughout all of your incarnations, guiding you within a certain direction. What a blessing you are. Most often you do not feel this. Perhaps, it makes you uncomfortable to acknowledge it but each is such a blessing to the reality that you occupy – you are literally Gods gift. God's gift is life and you are God's gift to that life. You were placed here in this particular incarnation at precisely the perfect time for the continuing revealing of your purpose. It may feel as though time marches on and you simply go along with it but we know that our Creator and the Supreme Intelligence, is so incomprehensibly amazing and all-encompassing that there is never a moment that has not been divinely manifested with a greater purpose than we can ever know. You are not here randomly, that is what I'm saying and this incarnation isn't just one doorway amongst kilometres of doorways that open and close as you walk through them. No, each lifetime is purposeful and immeasurably significant to the Divine Thought, jigsawing with all others within your physical reality at the same time.

As awakened as you are, you still have your eyes half closed. This is not your fault for you are within an illusion. Yet, God's destiny requires that each consciously contributes to the unfoldment in ways that are soul enhancing and life affirming. You have the capacity, as the vast and limitless being of light you are, to steer humanity to an incredible future, one that must come into being because it already has within the simultaneousness of all. Each step must be taken yet, when seen from a farther distance, those steps appear as great strides. You are within the 'fine detail' but from the higher dimensions, what it is that you can do is seen as enormous strides forward. It might take a lifetime or two but at this time there is an acceleration of opportunities and so, my friends, there will be great joy for each. Remember, that just because your spiritual work may not necessarily appear as great fireworks, it does not mean that from a greater height it does not appear incredibly significant. There are those who have great fireworks about them but from a distance they can hardly be seen. It is not the way of your world for things to manifest instantaneously.

Your world is an organic structure. Humans influence humans; person by person, group by group, country by country. It has always been this way. Already, you have rippled out and touched so many more than you realise. Just because you are not aware of who you have influenced does not mean that you have not been influential. You cannot help but be so, as you are part of the group consciousness of your species. You are constantly reshaping your collective future, person by person. Each of you has dramatically altered, shifted and contributed to the divine unfoldment. Perhaps, you may laugh and say, 'well, I just watch television every night'. Well, you are not the eyes and mind that watches the television. Your thoughts, motivations and intentions, as well as your actions, go ahead of you and create great strides. Like a wonderful, living set of dominoes one act from you can collapse a thousand dominoes in your wake and you could be none the wiser. This is how beautiful and intricate it is; the interrelatedness of all. When you consciously do it with God's gaze cast upon you, it becomes greatly empowered and beauty surfaces. So, when you begin to work with the overtones of your energy, how much greater difference would you make if unconsciously you already make such a great difference.

Remember, you are your own mythology. Don't dream small for what a waste that would be.

I am your good friend, Sanat Kumara, adonai. > text © Soltec



You are God's gift to the times you are living in.

As such, your incarnations aren't random but have a specific sequence and purpose.

The steps on your spiritual path may seem small to you but from the higher dimensions they are perceived as great strides.

Likewise, your spiritual work may not attract a lot of attention but is highly influential nonetheless.

Your thoughts and intentions prepare your future pathway.


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