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Sanat K

I love this lecture! On the surface it seems so simple yet what it describes is truly beautiful - our encounter with Love before we came into human body. I highly recommend the audio version as the 'feeling' comes through the listening. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is your friend Sanat Kumara who comes amongst you this day as you journey into your higher consciousness, passing through the radiant gateway of your Temple and finding yourself, as ever, within a most wondrous and powerful circle of light. It is your Temple of the Ascended Heart and so then, we sense the presence of dearest Sananda and many others who embody Christ Consciousness. It comes as beautiful white light so that this Temple is flooded with light and all that this implies. You are part of this, for there is no separation and the light of you finds union with the greater light of Christ Consciousness.

We elevate and the movement of this Presence comes into our awareness. It becomes intimate and though you are gathered with many, it seems as though it is simply you and this Presence. As the intimacy weaves itself about you, it is as if you have known this Presence for all time and know it still. It is the essence of Sananda and more than this. Your consciousness opens and the greater remembrance comes. It comes to your awareness that you have held this dance before and stood within this light of Christ Consciousness. It was a time when you were in conversation; when something passed between the two of you and you listened. For this greater Presence took you in hand and guidance was given and direction also. It was intimate and is intimate still and though the love between you is powerful and overwhelming, there was a sacredness to this union when the greater Presence took you in hand. You understand there is no time, so then, through your remembrance what I speak of comes into your consciousness and is actual, being the moment in which it occurs.

I have summoned a Presence to you. You sense the movement and the light is all about you. It begins to take shape and coalesces into the most astonishingly beautiful form as the Presence of Love. It comes to you in this particular vibration. It is the same moment and you are absolutely enchanted with the light-form before you. For at the dawn of your soul encounter with Creation this one stood beside you and welcomed you into existence. You were born of love and the spectrum of Christ Consciousness is simply love in embodiment within Creation. You are now within this one moment when the Presence returned to you and your soul came into your perfection. It is when your soul first moved its consciousness into human form. So then, the Presence came to be with you – you the human consciousness prior to incarnating firstly on earth.

The power of love is with us and you are overwhelmed by how much love passes between you and by your recognition of what is so beautifully sublime. The Presence is in service to you and you are astonished that one so incredible, as to embody love in consciousness, comes to be uniquely with you at this threshold - when you first came into human consciousness. You are so reassured. There is an honouring at the threshold that you cross. There is an honouring that you undertake this journey; one which lasts many aeons by human account yet ultimately finds its completion. Through this one you understand the enormity of the journey. Many things pass between you as you are being prepared and guided for your life within the illusion. Through this greater Presence you come into the sanctity of this opportunity and its divine blessing. The greater Presence impresses upon you the sacredness of God's will in this regard. You feel this because the greater Presence does not speak but rather, moves through your consciousness in pulsating waves which brings you understanding. This one of Christ Consciousness so loves our God that all that is Divine Creation is seen as precious. You feel the fullness then, of how precious your journey into humanness shall be.

Flowing from the light to you is a wave of appreciation and love so vast that you wonder how it may be contained in one Presence. You are being reassured that this one shall be beside you and over-light you upon your journey, as it does with every soul in human form. With this reassurance you understand that you will not falter. You assure yourself that you shall never forget how much love you are held within while you walk the earth. We whom are the Ascended Ones, have this marvelous opportunity to help you release the 'forgetfulness' that came through the illusion of separation within physicality. We are instruments to awaken you, as if you were in a dream and so find the brightest of days before you.

The Presence of Love over-lights you always but cannot journey into your consciousness unless you are receptive for that was the promise; that you find your independence so that the journey can come into completion. For you, I say it is the end days of the forgetting and of smallness. It is a receding of separation. In the first moment held within the Presence of Christ Consciousness, much passed between you and you were guided, not in words, but in a way unspeakably beautiful yet powerful. For this Presence translates from Divinity and brings into your consciousness this translation. The moment when this occurred and occurs still, is high awareness and so then, you are privileged. It is your soul's revelation and desire that you understand. I am servant to this end.

The greater Presence goes into memory and fades from view from the human self. I'm with you for the ascended realm is not far off, being closer to the human realm than one would think or expect. The bonds of service are held tightly. I am your friend this day and all days to come.

And I am Sanat Kumara, adonai. > text © Soltec



At the beginning of your soul's journey into Creation, then into human form, Christ Consciousness was with you.

This Presence gave you guidance and direction. It was intimate and sacred.

You were prepared for life within an illusion of physical existence.

This Presence assured you that it would over-light you always within the illusion. As you walk the earth you are held within its vast love.

As you were given your independence it is up to you to invite this love into your life.


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