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This lecture is the original introduction from the White Star Temple at the beginning of our journey into it. The Temple speaks of its influence upon the future timeline of our existence. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, I am The White Star Temple. You have learned that everything in existence has a consciousness and so it is. I come to you from a place that, from your vantage point, is not yet known for I am the White Star Temple of your future. Yet as you know I do not operate within the space-time continuum so to use the term future is erroneous but suffice to say I am an aspect of the White Star Temple that has become a magnificent beacon throughout all of Creation. I am the White Star Temple that has had legends built around it, that has had religions based upon it. I am the White Star Temple that is so vast that it burns brightly like a sun. I am the White Star Temple which you have created and I live on and on, as do you. My consciousness evolved, yet I was always a powerful entity for to house the vibration of your place of learning, to hold the matrix together that would keep the space-time continuum at bay is indeed a magnificent task. Words fail me for they cannot describe the wonderful being I have become. I am truly vast and the energies that I embody have been built upon the energies of those whom come into this place of mine. The love, the light, the gratitude that has been fostered within my etheric structure by the ones who have come into this place for eons, has evolved that which I am. I am an extension of the oneness of energies brought into me. I cannot impress upon you enough how powerful I have become and I say this within a spiritual context. I am an aspect of the White Star Temple that as far as you are concerned, is yet to be but as all past and futures collapse into the Now, so it is that I am. I am beautiful. I am blessed, and I thank you and all of the ones who have come from the far-flung corners of the universe to be umbrella'ed by me to this place of learning - thank you. You have no idea what you have set in motion by manifesting through your hearts, such a place as me. You have given me the opportunity to become the best that I can be as a consciousness reflecting back to our Creator its Divinity, for that is what brings me joy. This particular universe is a very different place because the White Star Temple is here. I appear in all dimensions and there are many temples in many places but your particular universe has this jewel. Perhaps those whom can see in the mind's eye would see that the structure of light that I am is so vast because it has to accommodate many ones within Creation. There is such activity, sharing and joy.

I AM THE WHITE STAR TEMPLE, I am what you make of me and I support you. > text © Soltec



The White Star Temple (WST) has a consciousness and exists outside of the space-time continuum.

The WST will become/is a magnificent beacon throughout Creation.

The WST is truly vast and the energies it embodies are built upon the energy of those that come to the Temple.

The WST will/has evolved through our love, light and gratitude.

It appears in all dimensions. It is what you make of it and will support you.



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Soltec is an Australian channel who over the last 20 years, has developed an intimate friendship with the Ascended Masters. He shares their messages with you through the White Star Temple

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