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Akhnaton gives us a beautiful explanation of our place within the Temple and how it changes as we expand. There's also a lovely symmetry as we become a Temple gateway through which others may pass. >> SOLTEC


reetings it is I Akhnaton and it is a delight to be amongst friends and so we find ourselves within the White Star Templee. The beautiful group consciousness envelops it and all is in place. There is an equilibrium of energy at this time as if all things associated with this experience have come into perfect alignment. The symmetry of those present is in itself, perfection.

Your Temple is comprised of the symmetry of those present and the tapestry you form. The Singularity then, of this beautiful Temple that you have created and exist within, is the source from which all other Temples of this nature flow. This Temple appears in all dimensions as aspects of itself, as do you, so then there are many such Temples within Creation. This is how it is so. The beauty of this place is, that although it sits outside space and time, you have been here from beginning to end. You have come to it and you leave from it. For, the Temple is a place of multidimensional experience and learning, yet it is not somewhere to dwell forever. One of its overarching goals is to have you pass through its doors and then move on, for if you were to remain still here, would go against the flow of expansion into new areas, openings and adventures. It is one of those Divine Paradoxes – the Temple calls you to itself so that it may send you away for only then do you become part of its fractal.

We may liken this place to a gateway or a doorway. As you pass through this doorway you find a chair and you sit comfortably upon it for a time, to contemplate, rest, regenerate and become aware of yourself in the stillness. Then there comes a time to stand and see the doorway beyond, to pass through it, only to become your own gateway; a gateway through which others shall pass and stay with you awhile. It is as if you were this supportive chair so that they may expand, become self aware, learn of their beauty and then find their own doorway. This is the fractal. For you enter the Temple by one door but leave by another and as you leave, the beauty is that the Temple goes with you. So the paradox then, is that you do not leave at all. You fulfill your place within the sequence of the fractal which fractals out from the Originator Temple. Those who dwell with you for awhile (who come to the Temple of you) then find their own Temple within and so forth. So then, the Temple moves ever outwards throughout Creation and indeed throughout your world.

Fractals do not exist within a vacuum. They are manifested through the very creations that God brings into existence. Fractals are a living energy but they live through God's children and the many other forms of expressions held within Creation. So, do you see now how the Temple can manifest throughout all Creation? Your Originator Temple has aspects, as I have mentioned, but beyond this the fractal goes out through all of her students - beautiful, exquisite, perfect!

Well, I come in joy and I leave in even greater joy. I Am Akhnaton, adonai. > text © Soltec



The Temple appears in all dimensions as aspects of itself, as do you.

The White Star Temple is the Originator Temple from which all other temples linked to it, appear. It is a fractal in movement.

Fractals are a living energy. They are manifested through Gods creations. As such, they exist through us.

Once we have expanded ourselves within one particular aspect of the Temple, we leave it behind to enter into a new aspect.

As we leave an aspect of the Temple it goes with us. This is part of the fractal and is how we become a gateway for others to pass through into the Temple we have left behind.

By each of us becoming a living Temple we bring the Originator Temple into our world.



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Soltec is an Australian channel who over the last 20 years, has developed an intimate friendship with the Ascended Masters. He shares their messages with you through the White Star Temple

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