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Our understanding about the White Star Temple begins to deepen more as we come to realise that WE are the Temple - we hold it in our consciousness and so then it exists - wonderful! >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, I come as one who is most familiar to you. I come as one who has embraced you for a very long time. I come as a child of your thoughts. I am the greater for you, for of course, I am your Temple. Come more fully into the presence of me. I am the energy which binds this gathering and all those who gather with you. I speak but I am not a voice. Bring me into your awareness. For each, it is a unique experience. For each, I manifest differently. You have transitioned through the doorways of me and I pre-empt your expansion.

There is such a peace and gentleness to this occasion. Bring my embrace into your awareness. There is a story to be told from I, to you. It is your story for I of myself, do not journey with you but rather, journey through you. We bring our focus together. You begin to elevate, moving through the stratas of my being. I am like a most magnificent crystal staircase which you ascend. Feel how you are supported. It is amazing what love will do. Long ago, words were spoken of your becoming an inhabitation of the idea of me; that you become your own Temple – a fractalling downward of the greater Temple into your world through you. I may only exist through your consciousness and as you exist in all realms, so do I. Remember this simplicity. Though I may pre-empt your journey it is only because your soul sees beyond the borders of time and space.

We breathe and you elevate. The Temple which is forming within you, anchors an expansion into your third dimension and an opportunity for those who perceive the Temple within you, to step toward their magnificence. So then, you change your world person by person, breath by breath. As your world changes, other worlds change also. As your dimension alters, all dimensions alter likewise. It is commonplace now for you to think this way. Others shall congregate with you and my embrace shall hold them also. For, the love that forms within me stems from the heart of each. As you love, I grow in love.

When you call upon such manifestations as Temples, by divine blessing there is an amplification of all love that flows through you in the name of the Temple. Yet, it is not an externalisation. I come as a reminder of what walks with you, what you are anchoring and how this Temple forms within your dimension. It does so through your eyes and actions. Feel my embrace. All peace has come. You are woven here and the weave of your connection to each other, threads its way through all subsequent lives. For, an agreement has been made between you. It spans a great arc of what you call 'time'. It goes beyond those who you know in your physicality in this one incarnation. There is an arc and we may liken it in beauty to a wondrous rainbow. And you are not at the beginning point, my dearest ones, upon this rainbow.

Well, I do not leave as that is not possible. > text © Soltec



The Temple loves and supports us.

It is a child of our thoughts and so is linked to each of us forever. As we exist in all dimensions, so then does the Temple through us.

If you wish it, you can anchor the Temple into our physical dimension by becoming a living Temple.

Vibrational 'temples' amplify love.



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Soltec is an Australian channel who over the last 20 years, has developed an intimate friendship with the Ascended Masters. He shares their messages with you through the White Star Temple

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