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This lecture continues on from 'Temple Gateway' where the idea of moving through differing aspects of the Temple is explored. It is a rare that the consciousness of the White Star Temple speaks so please enjoy. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, I am a reflection of the White Star Temple. There has been much spoken of doorways and entering and exiting. It is symbolic, of course. I come briefly to reassure you, for how could you leave that which goes with you? How can you separate from what is an extension of yourself? As we are not separate, then so it is, that I am like the Singularity. I am the 'singularity' of this concept of the White Star Temple. Yet, held within me are the many aspects of myself fragmented into many manifestations. Such is the same of your soul; the Singularity of your soul and you being an aspect of it. Without a fragmentation into the multiple, paradoxically there cannot be the whole. It is not as if one came first and then the other came after and so it is with this Temple of me and the Temple of you. The Temple, though a consciousness, a framework and living entity (not by your terms), is not an end unto itself.

The word 'gateway' has been used often and it is a good symbolism. Temples are gateways to the greatest prize – a reconnection to your God. For, all that is given in words for expansion of knowledge, the greater expansion is one into love and when one expands into love, of course, one expands into Divinity itself, there being no separation. This is why Temples must be entered and exited, so that they may be a gateway to Divinity; a golden frame around which the beauty of God is hung. Yet, as an open gateway they may be passed through time and again. Each time one passes through the doorway of me, new pathways to the Divine open with new layers of understanding.

Well, that is all. My blessings. > text © Soltec



Without a fragmentation into the multiple there cannot be the whole.

Temples can be a gateway to your reconnection with God.

Temple gateways may be passed through into new pathways, time and again.



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