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reetings dearest ones. I have not come for some time and I come to you as one who is known as That Which I Am - the consciousness of consciousness. Perhaps you are feeling the energies that I bring and certainly the crown chakra of each is very stimulated at this time from my presence.

I wish to speak this day but the energies are the most important part of this lecture. The energies are bringing about an alignment within the cellular structure of your light vehicle. It sounds complicated but it is not, for you have known for some time that there is a blossoming at hand and a new cycle to begin. In this Temple it is right that one such as the consciousness of consciousness would take up the invitation to be beside you this day, for you have called me in. I am about you at all times, yet I do not speak until spoken to.

I also wish to speak briefly of another who spoke and therefore Creation came into being. I am referring to our Creator and as you well know God and our Creator (The All That Is) are separate. God is a manifest aspect of the unmanifest All That Is and God is indeed the conduit for the Outbreath of our Creator. God is the means by which Creation is sustained at a Divine level. When you are within the Presence of God, God can speak to you and when God speaks to you it is like a thought explosion occurring throughout your entire being.

You upon your earth realm are very much used to the singularity of thought that is language. Sometimes language has more than one meaning and there are words that you speak that can have more than one meaning, but it is limited to only this.

When God, the Divine speaks, there is an explosion of meaning at that precise moment. It's as if incredible bursts of light were to shower you and each burst has its own meaning that arrives within your consciousness to cause understanding. God need only utter one word, so to speak, and a trillion-fold meaning arrives. It is so layered but not in terms that the human consciousness would use. It is not structured, it is an explosion, I keep coming back to this term. When God speaks understanding arrives in all its Divine complexity through the Divine impulse from the unmanifest, through the conduit of God.

Throughout Creation God speaks at certain junctures of evolution and beyond this of course God speaks when spoken to, as do I. In the presence of God this is possible within illusions of physicality such as your world, your realm. It is less precise but we speak to God through prayer. Do not underestimate this for prayer is like shafts of light that reach out from your world, into the heavens and speaks to God and God listens. God contemplates and then speaks to you in your realm and it comes in many ways does it not; through ones own inner guidance, through channels such as this, through the myriad of beings who cross your path and the opportunities and challenges that arrive. It is multilayered in this regard.

To be in the Presence of God, unfettered, unrestrained by the physical body and the human consciousness is to receive all meanings all at once. The force of God's word can uncreate the whole of Creation it is so powerful. So how must it be for God to speak directly with you! Such power will change your consciousness. It is possible dearest ones, to be in the presence of God from within your physical realm by transcending the human consciousness. You well know this but it is not something that each has been seeking out.

God's word also travels through the lineage of your soul, and the oversoul and the overarching soul, etc., back to the Singularity. When you receive guidance from your soul you receive guidance from God. When you receive guidance through another that resonates to you, you receive guidance from God. As each is part of the whole and as each is the whole (the Singularity) each of us are the students and teachers of ourselves. Those whom you take instruction from are yourself. You learn from yourself. Within your world of separation it appears as though you learn from others and you place great store by them, believing they have something more than you to impart. Perhaps they do but it is 'you' anyway. You are teaching yourself every step of the way. Those who come to you as teachers are you. Those who come to you as their teacher, and they your students, are you and there is no difference and it matters not. It matters not.

Hierarchies are part of human function. They work within the human function but they are an illusion. Take what you need and ignore the illusion. If you need to sit at the feet of a master, sit at the feet of a master, for that master is you. Be humble and reverential enough to worship you and to receive from you, for your soul speaks through many ones and God speaks to your soul - and you need but ask. God speaks when spoken to. I speak when spoken to - I, All That Is, the vibration of consciousness.

How incredible that the whole of Creation is your university and that you teach others and others teach you. Yet when we refer back to the Singularity, it is you. The kindness that we bring to others we bring to ourselves through the concept of grace. The concept of grace is a beautiful one. It is of the earth realm. Grace in a much larger context is the idea that kindness shown to another, ultimately is kindness shown to the singularity of self.

Within any realm is the possibility of creating new paradigms. If a certain structure or paradigm is not sitting well with you or resonating and you cannot find beneath your feet a place to stand, create a new paradigm. Alternatively, work within the old paradigm to expand it. Whatever you do from within your heart and your spiritual consciousness will manifest evolutionary change within your life-stream, timeline and certainly within the present incarnation.

Too few new paradigms are manifest for although the imagination of humanity is vast, great and wonderful, it limits itself in equal portions. If you do not find what you seek, create it. Create the avenue and speak so that you may be spoken to by God, by consciousness, by you.

Well these are my words this day, I AM THAT WHICH I AM. > text © Soltec



God is the manifest aspect of the unmanifest All That Is and a conduit for the Outbreath of our Creator.

When God speaks there is an explosion of meaning that arrives in your consciousness.

God speaks when spoken to. In our physical realm we speak to God in prayer and God listens.

To be in the presence of God's Word is to receive all meanings at once.

God's Word travels through the lineage of your Soul.

Create an avenue to speak to God so God may speak to you.


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