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A brief lecture from That Which I Am. I love the intimacy and reassurance of this simple message. I feel loved. >> SOLTEC


earest ones, it is I the Consciousness of Consciousness and I come to you as That Which I Am. I come upon the wings of a very high vibration and it is an illusion that I'm being channelled, rather, an echo of I comes forth.

You have journeyed in your consciousness into higher realms and spectrums. For some, quite often, for others, less so. Yet, it matters not for consciousness is consciousness and therefore measurement is irrelevant. Often, consciousness is spoken of as levels of awareness or layers of understanding, but that is perception and consciousness of itself is all-knowing. The consciousness of you and the infinite number held within Creation, has known companionship with our Creator since the beginning to the end (Alpha/Omega). It is only within form and in particular, while in physicality, that you must renew your intimacy with God time and again, such is the nature of veiled existence. Yet, in truth, you are privy to the most astonishing intimacy with that whom cradles you through existence.

When within the presence of God all meaning arrives as one consciousness to another. God does not externalise you and perceives no separation. The intimacy in the depth of your heart, you remember. How courageous to willingly descend into the illusion of your world knowing that this intimacy shall be veiled from view. Yet, it is but an instant, for you are aware of the illusion of time and space and its perceived separation. How incredible! A lifetime of journeys and growth through this theatre – an instant not even measured. All journeys of the soul are unable to be measured and occur within the blink of an eye. All is held within the Eternal One Present, yet without the passage of time all is experienced at once. So then, separation never occurs. There is not the measurement of it to create such a separation. You are held within an illusion of space and time and you take it for granted, for you are held within its spell. Yet, when you begin to integrate the enormity of it you cannot help but become completely astonished at the capacity of Divinity to conceive this.

I remind you of this so that you can look upon your life differently and see it as the wonderment that it is, as the 'instant' that it is. So then, no longer wear the burden of separation or human feelings of unworthiness. You will be home soon. You will be back with God and this will fade from view. You will realise that you never left. You did not go anywhere in tangible terms and no time has passed. You never left the side of God. You simply took a journey within your own consciousness. You see, consciousness is incredible and as one who is an energy by which consciousness may travel, I am inscrutable yet perceive all. > text © Soltec



Consciousness is all-knowing.

Only within the illusion of physical existence do we need to renew our intimacy with God.

Yet, there is no true separation from God and in fact, you have never left the side of God

Your soul experiences all of its journeys within the One Eternal Moment.

Life is simply a journey into consciousness, while you remain with God.


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