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A breathtakingly beautiful lecture from the Cosmic Buddha.The original recording is very transformational to listen to. The Masters speak in such a way that every phrase is layered with meaning and beauty. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I the Cosmic Buddha who journeys to your consciousness. Come into my embrace, as I am with you but a short time by your measurement. I sponsor you into a higher elevation and gather you to me. Buoyancy comes, for consciousness is light and in perpetual upliftment.

We are in movement as we spiral toward the oneness of ourselves. It is so familiar and tangible. When we do not focus our consciousness we come into an astonishing, welcoming, intimate, liberation. Then we see clearly how it is that we move and what it is we move toward. We perceive without any form of attachment. Come into the resonance of this. It is this movement which confirms Divinity and is divine in origin. When we release and remove ourselves from exploration, releasing the idea of separation and even delineation between dimensions, we emerge - there is no other word - we emerge. This is where bliss dwells, for the movement of Divine Consciousness, within which the idea of us is held, is simply too exquisite for words. In many ways, we may say that bliss is the mind of God becoming ours. Even more-so, we may say that bliss is the ceaseless recognition of this movement toward divine fulfilment.

Do you know, that to know your God is to enter into that which is perpetual, for the more that you draw near to Divinity, the more Divinity reveals of Itself and we draw nearer again and again. There is no end to that which is the beginning of all. To know God is to exist for eternity. For the Divine is limitless, has no containment and all forms of measurement are fruitless. Our astonishing gift is to journey into the borderless dimension of God. So then, the gift is that through this movement (which you call expansion), we shall always have more of all that is divine; more love, illumination and bliss. For we may never say we know the completeness of God, as no such thing exists and some ideas simply never end.

I am the cosmic Buddha. I am the vibration of illumination and I have the smallest understanding compared to that which is perpetual. Come into this experience and movement. Divinity is expansive, so then we expand. This is why each and every soul in each and every realm, continues its perfection and why it is that 'it just is'. These words are enough and when you hear them once more, new layers of understanding shall be revealed.

I am the Cosmic Buddha. Embrace your Temple. Adonai. > text © Soltec



Within Creation our consciousness is in perpetual movement.

Bliss can be likened to the mind of God becoming ours.

To know God is to exist within eternity because there is no end to knowing God.


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