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Complex and long, this lecture is worth the effort as it is full of meaningful concepts, not the least our understanding of ourself in relation to God's Creation. >> SOLTEC


reetings it is I Maitreya who joins you as we pass through the gateway of your Temple. We find ourselves held within the multidimensional cosmos. This cosmos may be perceived in its physical spectrum but it is overlaid with the Living Light and so is enhanced a trillion-fold in its beauty, majesty and colour. Although Creation is in many ways a place of Divine Chaos where the movement of the Breath of God is tangible, we perceive it instead, as the movement of the Divine Stillness which occupies the same instance. We sense the serenity of this. We breathe in eternity, a depth that is impossible to convey with words. We know that held before us are all the sacred mysteries, creations and reflections that ever were, are and shall be. It is all laid out before us as a beautiful landscape of stars and we are part of it. We feel the presence of Divinity for it is what sustains everything. We feel the intimacy of our own soul whose presence is a blessing.

MaitreyaThroughout the multidimensional cosmos there is a limitless expression of life occurring and fractaling out within ever-spiraling motions of existence. Even when you are not in physicality where you experience time, there is movement where life goes on. Not lifetimes as you would understand them but movement nonetheless; goals being reached, destinations being arrived at, a feeling of purpose, progression and evolution. It is the Divine Chaos in action which is dynamic. Yet, when you draw your consciousness to a standstill, you realise that you are an outline upon the fabric of the Cosmos, for the cosmos is inward as well as outward. When you focus your consciousness upon non-movement, you begin to tap into the Divine Stillness – the Eternal One Moment where everything simply stops and the enormity of existence is keenly felt. It is experienced as an intimate pleasure, simply enjoying the internal view without purpose, focus or direction. For, as soon as you externalise it you come into the action (Divine Chaos) and movement of Creation which occupies the same instance. Instead, you pass through an internal gateway which brings you into a differing perception. To be a 'witness'.

Be still and witness God's Creation through the self. It is like taking a long drink, it replenishes. There is no wisdom to be found in this stillness nor this witnessing for that is not its purpose and would be an externalisation. It is simply an honouring, a remembering – a non-being. To observe, what a pleasure! To bring your attention to what Divinity has manifested does your God a great service for then it allows for intimacy between you. When you are still but are alert, you become aware in ways that are often forgotten. It is not as if God draws near, for God is everywhere and is everything. Rather, you draw nearer to God when you become the witness. As you drink in the beauty, you understand within the heart of your being that as inscrutable as the nature of existence is, the fact that it is is the most astonishing thing in the whole universe.

Often we are too busy living the reality which we occupy and are desperately trying to find ourselves but if we were to simply find God then all else is taken care of. The illusion and its concerns simply slip away within the context of eternity, Divinity and the ultimate stillness of being and non-being. The beauty of not being contained within space and time is that you can enter into Divine Stillness and the essence of eternity itself, it being the one moment which never passes. Yet, conversely, you can enter into the frenetic activity of existence in motion. It is all available to you and is simply focus. It is a great attainment to be able to be a witness. It is like pausing a movie for a while.

There is also liberation. In truth, there is a great freedom available to you in all realms that you occupy and at an overarching soul level there is limitless freedom. This can percolate down to any expression of self. Stillness is not passive and is actually very powerful. Divine Stillness especially so. It is not God's mind at rest as one would think. It is not what we can know. Yet, when you drink from this momentless-ness and non-focus, it brings a great strength and power, particularly so for you in your third dimension of physicality. For humans, freedom from attachment is a consequence of entering into the stillness. All else is clearly the passing illusion that it is. It holds no weight and bears little significance except for how we honour God through our love and service within the reality in which we are placed.

This is a resource for you. The more that you draw your consciousness to be a witness within this serenity, the greater the depth of divine fullness is experienced. It changes as you become stronger. The more powerful you realise that you are, the greater clarity is possible. All of which you can cultivate in your human consciousness and radiate outward to others who you may nourish as a conduit – the face of God. To be a living face of God, incredible! You can be this and are this, for God sees through your eyes. You only think that you yourself do but you do not. Only the human mind believes its own illusions. Be like a newborn at a cosmic level. Cherish moments, no matter what they hold, because you have consciousness and are within Creation where there is eternal existence, where there is God and love – amazing! We don't know how and why it all is but it is and that in itself is the ultimate astonishment.

So enjoy your consciousness in any realm and in any form but particularly your human consciousness as it is astounding that you have it. To begin to perceive reality through this astonishment opens you to the maximum joy of existence, for just as easily you could not 'be', but you are. Therein is the sacred mystery and the greatest joy. If you are, then I am and if I am, then you are and so God is. Do not forget that you are a living book of life. What is on your pages? How do you draw upon them?

Well, blessings to each this day. I am Maitreya, adonai. > text © Soltec



Divine Chaos (Divinity creating) and Divine Stillness (non-creation) occupy the same instance.

Outside of time there is still a sense of progression and evolution with purpose.

Our universe is inward as well as outward.

When you come into Divine Stillness, existence is simply observed and you become a witness. It is like taking a long drink – replenishing.

To be a witness to Divinity's Creation allows for intimacy between you. You draw nearer to God.

If we simply find God in our lives, all else is taken care of.

Stillness is very powerful and brings great strength and clarity.

You are a living face of God as God sees through your eyes.

Value and appreciate Creation and your place within it. It is astonishing.


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