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Mary's messages are always filled with love and beauty and this is no exception!. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I your mother Mary who is with you once more in this moment as you elevate your awareness and as you return to the embrace of the Many where I am with you, and this is actual. And I move amongst you within the spaces in between, and all that this implies. The joy within us begins to percolate rising to the surface as we come into reunion. And those of my lineage are with me and so then with you. For that is the thread is it not, that binds us in your human dimension, and then far beyond it. For we have known each other in many guises, and not always as this world.

Come into the feeling, come into your lightness. And you begin to remember how your spirit traces itself across millennia’s within your space and time, and how everything flows through to you from the higher dimensions of love as if indeed an umbilical cord. I speak not of the life-force that maintains your physical existence and its outer bodies, but I speak of that which is far more delicate, yet equally as powerful. It is open-ended this slipstream of love; that which follows you, and is with you wherever you go, and while ever you choose body.

And just as we say you can never be too beautiful, you may never love too much, nor be absent from it. And though in the human countenance within the human spirit devised for this illusion there is the natural occurrence of love, as must there be, as love is the only true form. And this innate love serves your human dimension well, and you are each privy to it, and many times over. And the main formation of love within the human dimension of physicality is always self-love, this you understand. And so then the love within the human dimension is shaped to this end. Yet always available is this higher portal, the slipstream of love of which I speak, from the higher dimensions of spirit and from that radiant creature that is your soul and then every soul.

And when humanity deepens into a greater desire to experience a depth of love not necessarily innate within the human spirit, yet available to it, then literally whole dimensions of love are open to you. For you existing in space and time this translates into moments of love and sometimes, just sometimes it becomes perpetual while you are in form. And what I am saying is that a far deeper and greater experience of love is always available. It is a love beyond emotion, this you understand. It is a love beyond human mortality, it is a love beyond thought. And this dimension of love (and that is a good phrase) is literally transported so to speak, being part of the eternal movement, and there is communication within it, remembering that love is the only language - literally.

There is a language to love, that which is unspoken yet harbours great, great complexity, for love is seldom the one thing. And as with all else of Creation it is experienced uniquely in each dimension. It is always multi-layered, infinitely meaningful and effortlessly powerful. This is your birth-right. I cannot impress this upon you enough, that this is your birth-right; an infinite and unending capacity for love. And as you expand, love expands within you filling all aspects of your soul becoming inflationary, keeping you buoyant.

And though I speak perhaps in abstraction, it is only to hold in place our energetic communication. And even as I see you the bright light that you are, I see a spark of love that is finding newness within you, and that is important, for then there is movement, an oscillation. And as everything is frequency (though that is not a good word but I have no other), then this oscillation is profound. There is a harmony within it that belies its powerful effect. And I use words for description only; they are far, far from the true telling of it.

Allow the breath to deepen as the One Breath passes between us and moves down the thread of our lineage so to speak, a breath passed down your ages and held in spirit, part of the greater Breath, the only breath. And love is our breathing point, the rise and fall of our spiritual lungs filled with love. And you understand that everything is both inhale and exhale, and all that this implies. And though I use symbolism there is a resonance to it, and even as I speak there is this fullness within you and the lightness also. Do you know that love has conscious awareness being Divinely expressed and inhabited so to speak, by all within Creation? There is then an idea of love that is not yet but soon to be, a perspective of love not held for a very, very long time within your humanity.

Well these words are enough and are the least of this occasion. I am returning to you, know this to be true, and I am with you in spirit and with you in place and in sentience. And I come upon the breath and so take form. I am Mary, adonai. > text © Soltec



There is a slipstream of love that is open-ended, like an umbilical cord to the higher dimensions.

The significant form of love within our physical dimension is self-love.

Love has its own language and is expressed in many ways.

Love is our breathing point, the rise and fall of our spiritual lungs.


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