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This is one of my all time favourite lectures as I adore the simple yet powerful message Mary brings. It gives us both a meaningful and intimate understanding of how we create the light body that is ours in Spirit. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I Mary. You elevate your consciousness and come into the radiance of your beautiful Temple. Finding your placement, you come amongst friends. You begin to deepen. You come into the exhilaration of Creation in motion; of an existence outside of space and time. It is so filled with all manner of movement, blessings and a deep sense of coming into attainment. There is such a sense of joy for those within Creation who absolutely delight in their explorations, knowing full well that there is a construction being formed within this universe. So then, there is a busyness of Spirit and a palpable sense of anticipation and pure delight. You are part of it and have your place. You contribute, my dearest ones, in ways so unique and breathtaking that all of Creation holds humanity dear to them.

Come into your breath and come into this exhilaration. Allow the heart to quicken and the higher consciousness, that is framed in joy, to reveal itself. For consciousness is buoyant and light as a feather. We become aware of the embrace of your Temple and your many guides and teachers. They come excitedly, for you are part of their equation and there is meaning to what they do in the context of 'you'. More than this, there is a beautiful love which circulates amongst them and is reserved for you. Come into the breath as it passes between you and those who love you. You begin to strengthen, are buoyant and supported. There is encouragement this day, as you strengthen in love. I say to you, 'summon to you all that is yours of love across space and time.' Gather to you the love that is uniquely yours in the human experience.

There is a whirlpool forming about you with the gentlest of movement. From across space and time of your humanness, all the love that you have ever generated now begins to magnetise to you, returning to its source. Come into the movement as the love that is yours in humanness forms about you. Every life time that you have ever generated love begins to form a most wondrous garment of light about you. Every particle of light within this garment represents a moment of love that is yours. Come into the experience of this and see how this garment builds and grows. Every wondrous pinpoint of light is your experience of love; the love that you have birthed in human lifetimes. This whirlpool of love, now manifested as tangible light, is seemingly infinite and you are surprised at what forms about you. It is so beautiful, exquisite and unique to your consciousness. Even more of these moments of love return to you. For your experience in human form has crossed many lifetimes and eons of your measurement and beyond. Each particle of light, a moment of love. This is how your soul draws to itself the beauty of your love. This is what your soul seeks from the human experience across space and time.

Every experience of love that you bring in human form becomes a portal to love. It remains in the moment, within eternity. We see then, how love journeys to your world through the portals that you create and continue to sustain. Every moment of love from every human consciousness is forever imprinted upon the fabric of your world. It is exponential, for the more that humanity gathers love to itself, then so it is, more gateways to love are open. Humanity shall reach a point of collective consciousness that becomes one open gateway - then GOD is manifested upon your world.

There is then, tremendous significance to the love that you bring to each other. Not simply by human terms, though this is beautiful and exquisite, but for that which it opens. Each moment of love is like a perfect pinprick upon a fabric of darkness in your world, enabling the light to both escape and to pierce through. I say to you, dearest ones, that your garment of light (which you often refer to as the light body), is the most marvelous creation for it is born from moments of love and you build this still. It is still being woven and is how the body of light is created.

Come into the resonance of this and how wonderful this light feels to you. It is so familiar, for held within every moment of love (perceived now as a particle of light), is the memory of love - love's experience which is yours. Is this not truly wondrous? Held within the body of light of all souls is the memory of love; from every existence, every variance and each completely unique. So then, we see this river of light forming about you. It is a confirmation of what you have woven about yourself across space and time, in many lifetimes, including this, your present one. You are, as you say, old souls and the soul has taken much opportunity to draw to itself these unique experiences of love; your body of light.

Upon your world you would agree, that to love another is a wonderful thing to do. It is a simple understanding. Love is transformational. Love constructs. Dearest ones, know this, that an even greater experience of love, in the context of service, is to be loved. For, in your loving of others the gateway of the heart is forged, yet it is forged greater still through the allowing of others to love you, do you see. At every turn bring an opportunity to be loved, for then you bring this marvelous gift to the one who loves you; that they create a moment of love and weave their body of light. To be loved is to give this gift. It is to bring them an opportunity to construct.

Dome into the resonance of this. I say to you, do not deflect the love from others nor diminish their opportunity. You have special understanding asit is seeded within, through your Temple, so that upon the field of your human world it may be sown and grow. Look upon it as this. And these are my words, my love and light this day. I am Mary, adonai. > text © Soltec



All the love that you have generated while in human form creates a body of light which surrounds you.

Each particle of light is a moment of love you have experienced.

You continue to build this garment of light through each lifetime. It is what your soul seeks.

All that is yours of love, across space and time, returns to you and forms a portal to love here on earth.

Eventually, humanity shall create an open gateway of love through which God shall be known.

To love another is wonderful, yet a greater experience of love is to allow others to love you and in doing so create moments of love to build their light-body.


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