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Within this message Maitreya touches upon some breathtakingly beautiful concepts. This lecture expands upon the idea of love and your consciousness. >> SOLTEC

GGreetings dearest ones, it is I Maitreya who journeys with you this day. We elevate into the embrace of your Temple. We are enveloped by high conscious beings at this time. Those whom are present merge with you and we are of one mind. I come this day as an emissary of the heart. That is the signature of the aspect that comes to you. I bring with me the vibration of the universal heart for through love we exist. As one mind this day, we are falling into the stillness. We are passing through a gateway into the interior of ourselves; the universe within where the vibration of love exists.

Wherever you focus your consciousness a divine depth unfolds itself as if, in an instant, you traversed the length and breadth of Creation. I am an emissary of the heart. We are of one mind and so we become an emissary. You are huge, vast. We see, as if for the first time, that we own the universe of ourselves. As one mind we bring our collective consciousness to a focal point. We open up. We are becoming a gateway for the universal heart. You begin to experience an echo of the most incredible power of love in its natural form. You are the whole of your universe and your universe is opening to love. We hold the gateway open in our power, with our perception. The gateway that we are is more vast than any universe the human mind can conceive. Measurement is irrelevant. We know the presence of Divinity is with us – a sun we cannot see but which we feel the warmth of. We begin to perceive that where the interior of our love flows so then God's grace manifests. Become an emissary of the heart in ways beyond human definition, in ways which connect universes together – a conduit for grace to follow.

There is no lack of love within Creation. There is no measurement of it. As you expand your perception more love pours into your consciousness. It is not a consequence of Creation, rather, Creation is the consequence of love and therefore its properties are unknowable. Gateways are always formed within Creation. This is how Creation expands. Every soul has the capacity to form new openings through which love pours and so the universe continues to evolve. The fabric of life is woven by how it is that we affect each other.

I gift to each this day the most incredible, heart-shaped ruby upon a golden chain. It is symbolic. You will notice that held deeply within it there is a flame. It is part of me. For at this high aspect of the one who you call Maitreya, I am an igniter of love. We have opened a gateway as all is multidimensional. This gateway expresses itself in all dimensions of being, including that which is your third dimension of physicality. Your journey begins anew. Come into the stillness. Ones of high attainment bring blessings this day. They need not communicate for the gateway of their heart is open to you. You hold these high energies more than you realise.

And I am Maitreya, adonai.> text © Soltec



Become an emissary of the heart.

Love is incredibly powerful in its natural form and may not be measured.

Creation is the consequence of love.

So then, there is no lack of love within Creation.

Each time we open to love more comes into our consciousness and so Creation expands.



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