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I found this lecture from Mary to be an intersesting one as she likens love to a literal power using the analogy of electricity. She encourages us to work with the power of love as a transformational tool. >> SOLTEC

Greetings dearest ones, it is I Mary who joins you this day. So it is, that I come as a master of the stars. We find ourselves within the higher spectrum and we know that our dearest Temple is near. I come to you as one who spans your universe and so then, my reach blankets all. The energies about us and that which is breathed through me, are quite powerful this day.

It is increasingly important that you come to not only integrate these higher dimensional energies, but that you find a purpose for this – being able to harness what is so beautifully given to you in ways that serve your fellow beings. We are aware of what is beginning to be undertaken for the pathways have been written, the consequences recorded and the ripples already in motion. Remember your divinity and mastery. Integrate your magnificence so that you can stand in empowerment and through this right action become a force of spiritual good. It is from this position that the deeper influence is felt which elevates thought and action above regular meditation. Stand beside God in these undertakings as one whom is powerful.

The archangels will come. There is work to be done, if you wish it and you are offered opportunities which are truly special. The collective heart of the human consciousness requires expansion and development so that it may come into a greater alignment with the beautiful heart of the soul of each. It is something to consider. Grace may be generated through the collective heart as works of the heart are the doorway to service through which one must pass. That is the key, for the wisdom of the heart is simplicity itself. We seek nothing too complicated for then that becomes for the mind and we seek the heart. It has its wisdom and the heart of one who is integrated in their magnificence and upon a pathway toward mastery, is a formidable tool for Divinity. Become a collective heartbeat.

An expansion and amplification of love can outpour from your gatherings. Simplicity. I would encourage this in your endeavours for then the mind has little chance of imposing conditions or 'right' and 'wrong' way judgements. These will distract from the only source of power there is; love. In human terms, you speak of how powerfully love can affect things but love is indeed a power. It is of the same frequency as Divinity. It is a power to be harnessed and approached as if it were electricity, let us say.

There is a distinction between working with love and working with the power of love. It is a living energy and the energy of life. It is an action, a force and so much more than human perception. It is high attainment to come to an integrated understanding of this power. You see the outcomes. When you experience the energies of the higher spectrum and those who you call the Ascended Ones and even your own beauty, you have almost been overwhelmed by the strength of it. It comes not from the individual nor from the master but flows through the universal power of love. You know then, how strong this can feel as a power unto itself – more than any emotion or feeling. It is without the attachment or human perception of what love must feel like, in terms of emotion. Can you feel the elevation? It is becoming all-encompassing. It is filling you up as if you could burst. That is love in its natural form, without human emotion.

When you have electricity it flows in all its untempered power. You have your electrical outlets which you plug something into and then suddenly, the electricity becomes a lamp, a toaster, music and so on. It is the same with love; it is an unbridled power until perception from the individual and collective consciousness gives it a purpose, an effect and definition. Yet, of itself it is none of these things but fuels them all. It is a poor analogy but the greater understanding comes. What if you worked more closely with the power of love in its natural form?

The one that you know of as Jesus, with whom I am so closely and lovingly connected, understood and worked with love in ways that transcended what had gone before. He understood the power of love in its natural form and so raised the dead, healed the sick, ascended. Look to His words for simplicity.
Well, that is all and I am Mary, adonai.> text © Soltec



The wisdom of the heart is simplicity.

There is only one source of power; love.

Love is an actual power which can be harnessed. It is a living energy of the same frequency as Divinity.

In its natural form, the power of love is an untempered force which is powerful beyond our conception.

We give love purpose just as an appliance gives electricity an outlet to flow into.

Jesus worked with the power of love to perform miracles.


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