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Sanat K

Sanat Kumara impresses upon us that love and wisdom are indeed the same thing. At a soul level all is known to us through the gateway of love. >> SOLTEC

Greetings it is your friend Sanat Kumara. In this place there journeys love and understanding and I would say to you that they are one and the same. What you term knowledge, a knowingness and understanding is of the same vibration and energy of love. When our Creator loves, then so it is that knowledge and knowing come into being, for everything explodes in that instantaneous moment of Creation. Everything then, carries the energy of love. God's reflection is love and within love there are many stratas of being. You use the term 'Love is all' and that is true, for within the capacity of Divine Love exists all knowledge and all parameters of being. When you are loved as you are by our Creator, you are expanded - your consciousness becoming increasingly vast and limitless - for there is no other energy than love. As we move through existence and as, in particular, humans move through a physical realm, it appears as though everything is broken down into various vibrations and consciousness. The appearance of this is part of the ingenious nature of the Divine Plan; the illusion of life. It also parallels the paradox of the 'multiple within the singular' for there is only the one vibration of love within which all else is held and it is an illusion that anything manifests separately.

It is also an illusion that you gain knowledge and knowingness (and they're quite different), for as the whole of Creation manifests as a Divine Thought, then so it is, that all knowingness has already manifested within that Thought. All that there is to know is instantaneous. At a soul level, we have been blessed to be given the 'keys' to all knowledge through all time. These keys, however, are surrendered upon re-entering into human form, though some are allowed the gift of remembrance. From a human point of view, when you are within sequential time, it may seem meaningless to have all knowledge all at once, for where is the journey? Well, that is thinking born of an illusion of time. Once you have all knowing and wisdom it does not mean that there is no longer anything to explore and attain. That would be a limitation and there are no limitations within the Divine Thought.

I say to you, there is a simplicity then, in knowing that knowledge, wisdom and love are one and the same. To gain wisdom is to love learning, is to love and embrace what brings us understanding. Beyond space, time and dimension, we see that there is just love and love in itself is all knowing, all wisdom and all attainment. Love is truly the one thing that can change the whole of the cosmos. Within this context, it can certainly change your life and those who you touch with your love.

If we are to define wisdom as love, then I say you are incredibly wise. There is so much love being breathed through you. It is so delightful to see that God journeys through you, for love is not ours – it is divine. You have such an enormous capacity to allow Divinity to love through you and this does not go unnoticed for it is evident within the geometry of your soul. The more of the Divine that we embrace, the more beautiful our essence becomes. Our geometry then reflects this. Do not fear that there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week for your spiritual practice, as you have already greatly exceeded the expectations of your soul. Know that sometimes less is more. Your focus can come into greater clarity and intent and as such, be greatly empowered.

I am Sanat Kumara, adonai > text © Soltec



Knowledge, wisdom and love are one and the same.

All knowledge and knowing has already manifested with the Divine Thought that is existence. It is instantaneous.

Our soul has the gift of all knowledge which is surrendered when we come into physical form. This gives us the opportunity to journey toward wisdom.

In terms of spiritual awareness, you have already exceeded the expectations of your soul.



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