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Profound in its message and the powerful simplicity of it, Akhnaton reminds us that GOD is Life itself >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I Akhnaton who journeys to you in this manner as you elevate your perceptions. I am with you, this is actual. Dimensions of experience begin to merge, overlaid (for want of a better word) as they are as if we each gaze through a pane of glass into each other's realms. For you, this comes always through the feeling for when we speak of ‘gaze’ it is not literal for we have not form, yet we feel each other, this you understand. We make ourselves apparent in the beauty of our light. And we express this light into imagery at will and so then it's as if we paint with Spirit and cities of light form, landscapes beyond the highest ideal of beauty, creatures are imagined and then inhabited and so forth. The glory never ends and then of course, all is surpassed by the one we name Creator; the originator of all whose Divine mind funds our imaginings.

We have said elsewhere that you are your soul's creation; how it is that you are imagined by your spirit. And through dispensation (for want of a better word) your soul’s imagining of you becomes flesh and blood, for only the Divine can bring anything to life. You have read this night that Divinity is ‘life’, that is a powerful observation. When we speak of the idea of ‘creator’ naturally it suggests wilful creation, that creating is an act, a doing and so it is for us, for all of us. We imagine and then choose if this is made actual. But the one whom is Divinity, it is not ‘doing’ do you see, and that is sacred knowledge.

The Creator does not create, the Creator is creation. Divinity does not bring life - Divinity is life. And so then it is a state of being rather than a wilful doing, do you see? These words are the simplest of words and are very crude for that which is in truth beyond description but there is a resonance to them, as we often say. Existence then, in a manner, is spontaneous do you see? As God is, then life is. When water falls over a cliff's edge it is a waterfall and water cannot do anything but fall such is the way of gravity. We can liken Creation to a waterfall. Come into the feeling of the words. The spontaneity of Spirit is innate and Creation gushes forth; a never-ending stream.

In one sense we may say that the Divine need not be wilful, it is an irrelevance. Divinity does not will Creation into being for that would be an act of doing. When we speak of Divine Will we do not speak of it in these terms in this instance. Life is God. These words cannot coalesce into true meaning so then deepen. I am literally amongst you in this moment. And then there is the physicality of that which is I incarnated, as you, breathing the same air and yet my spirit is fully present also. Existence is incredible. Life cannot end because Divinity is life. It is not as superficial as the idea of ‘eternal’ or an absence of time. It is far more greater and meaningful, this explanation of life unending.

I see you. Perhaps you sense me a little more strongly. Do you know that in one sense there is no concept of ‘bigger’, ‘greater’ or ‘smaller, lesser’ energies. Though we have commented from time to time that we come strongly they are words for your benefit, for we come as we always come, do you see? The only difference is that you sense at times, a greater embrace of our energies and then assume that we come strongly. It stems from you and your capacities to embrace, to sense. Within the grand equality of Creation all life-force is the same. I cannot have a greater life-force than yours though the word ‘life-force’ is not an accurate one. And even those beings we describe as ‘high’ and greatly transparent, ethereal, such as the Lighted Ones or even the Apostle energy, they cannot be more life-force or energies then you or I. It seems as such because of how they have embraced their own spirit, do you see?

As a soul within Creation we are unfolding, unfurling, expanding always within ourselves. It is part of the self revealing. We have said many times over that we came into Creation whole and complete but the journey of Creation is that we unfold into it, that we come to embrace our wholeness, that we find more, we gain upon ourselves, we learn of our Divinity. Those such as the Lighted Ones seem more powerful (for want of a better word) more radiant, simply because their unfurling is almost complete and they have embraced the fullness of themselves. It is the same for us, it is inevitable.

In your domain, of which I am part, it becomes literal, does it not, that through life's literal journey in physical form you come to know yourself as the years pass but you are in fact who you ever were when you first came into body. Remembering once more, everything came through with you when you came into the human dimension and the journey of life and its experience simply shows you what you came in with of your spirit through responses, choices and what it is you are willing to embrace. So then, I bring you a deeper understanding of the equality within spirit and it makes perfect sense does it not? Life-force is life-force. Energies are neither big nor small. Energies are simply experienced subjectively by our perception and our ever-widening embrace - that is a marvellous understanding. We are beautiful from beginning to end that is to say, from the paradoxical point of origin to our own inevitable transparency, such as the Lighted Ones. They shine brightly but their radiance has not changed one iota since they were imagined into being, only their ability to perceive it and our ability to embrace it.

You are literally a light in your world, know this to be true. And you can shine so much more brightly, my dearest ones. Your dimension is mapped by its light, do you see, and the coordinates of your love are everywhere within time and it creates this mapping. It is very beautiful. It is we may say the only way to read time. It is through the coordinates found within it that every soul and every sentience generates while within the physical reality. It's like, to use your vernacular, joining the dots and a picture forms, that is a good metaphor. We are traceable, absolutely traceable.

Can you feel the movement all the while that I speak, as if these words are liquid. A movement within our conscious awareness, the Breath in motion. We may say countless breaths in motion for the waterfall continues, do you see? These words are enough. There is a gentleness coming, never doubt this.

I am the Akhnaton. Adonai. > text © Soltec



Divinity is Life itself, the Creator IS Creation

Your Life-force cannot be bigger or lesser than anyone else

We came into Creation whole and complete


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