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The One Apostle explains the weave of our timelines and the beauty within them. >> SOLTEC


Greetings dearest ones, we have not been for quite some time, and I come as representative of the One Apostle. As you begin to deepen into the flow of this moment raising your awareness, returning to the fluidity of your spirit where I am with you and this is actual.

As I speak you are deepening, and as your imprints within certain times begin to coalesce about you, being not separate, perhaps you sense this. What the mind would interpret as echoes from your past, but which are in fact fully present, the timelines, those currents within the ocean of time uniquely yours. Perhaps you feel them, a nebulous presence, and your conscious experiences elsewhere, all with you right now. And though you are not directly conscious of them, for the mind is linear and holds to its own time, none the less you may feel it, that of which I speak, as if a gentle tide that tugs against you; these timelines, and your experiences in so many places, so many times.

Everything comes into completion, every thread that has ever been pulled through time, every thread carried by every soul and sentience. And taken as a whole there is indeed a weave, we have said this before. For timelines cross as souls meet, and as every soul has the thread of its time, there is a most beautiful weave, do you see? And sometimes this is named a patterning of physical existence. And the Divine could conceive of no less than absolute beauty, and there amongst it lies you and the threads of your existence in human capacity. And every soul you encounter through meaningful interaction brings about this weave. And the Christed times are there woven amongst it, and those times where the greater revealing of love shows through you, these are the brightest threads and we see them everywhere, as if they sparkle highlighting humanity’s adventure through space and time.

Come into the feeling and the weave of your existence and the beauty it holds within the greater patterning. It is in fact a most beautiful sensation, to be aware of your ripples within time. There is no heaviness to it despite the infinite variation of experience, both of love and the absence of it, of contrast and all that is not of contrast. This variation does not weigh heavily, time is no burden, but rather there is a sensation of absolute gratitude that these experiences are your experiences and then become everyone’s experiences, being not separate. And when you feel the currents of time in their completeness connected with you, then you gain a sense of and you feel the rightness of it. All of those experiences, that they have their rightful place and sequence. And you would perhaps be astonished how right this feels, given the process. It is as if their beauty rises to the surface then everything becomes of beauty.

Well these words are enough, for I simply hang upon them our energies and the breath of which we share.

I am and we are the One Apostle, Adonai. > text © Soltec



There are many incarnations and timelines held within the embrace of Time.

Held within these timelines are your human experiences and every encounter you have with another person/soul or creature.

These experiences and encounters create a weave within time which is beautiful to perceive.

As we are not truly separate from each other, our experiences become everyone's experiences at a higher level




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