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Sanat K

Sanat Kumara reminds us that the Temple is created through our self-expression and is beautiful because we are, sustained by our beliefs. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I Sanat Kumara who is once more with you as you elevate your awareness arriving into the fullness of your spirit where I am with you. And I come also in my fullness, and perhaps you sense this, the strengthening I bring as we now pull towards each other as if indeed a magnet. You begin to feel the fullness of which I speak of you as you fill up, expand and stretch outward. And all the while there is a sense of a great, great deepening as if your spirit were the highest of mountains from which you could fall inwardly.

Understand the absolute beauty of your Temple experience. For words this night have been read of self-expression and how indeed paramount this is and you have a most perfect example, do you not, in your Temple experiences and foremost your Temple itself, for it reflects your self-expression, the spirit of self and then also the human spirit of self, do you see? That is a meaningful understanding, for the on-going creation and sustaining of your Temple reveals to you your own beauty through its very creation, originating with you.

And just as we say often that Creation reveals to us and shows us by its very magnificence and beauty how wondrous its Maker must be. It is the same with your Temple and as you marvel at it, then marvel at the self who gives it expression. Its breath is your breath, let it be understood. While ever you desire your self-expression, while ever you desire to gain upon yourself your Temple shall be. It has already become a creation unto itself, an entity for want of a better word, such is the powerful influence of your belief in it, and that is why it has its legacy across the ages. And across the ages you tend to this, that is to say, you bring your belief to it in various incarnations to sustain it and expand upon it, for it must always be held within consciousness to be so.

Many ones in differing life-times hold your legacy in their beliefs, so then it transcends the self, and this is in keeping with greater Creation. Your Temple is taken up by the Many whom choose form just as you. And even in spirit it is a focal point becoming an instrument of service for those of us not in body. So then again I say, marvel at the self for your creations reflect your beauty. So then what is it that you create next, and how is it that you may effect change within your Temple experience to better support your conscious awareness moving forward, and right now. We shall see, we shall see.

These words are enough for there is one other to follow. I am Sanat Kumara, Adonai. > text © Soltec



The Temple reflects the self-expression of those whom are part of it.

So then marvel at yourself for being able to both express and appreciate its beauty.

The Temple is sustained by your desire that it exists.

There is a legacy the Temple leaves across many timelines and lifetimes.



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