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Sanat K

As one of the foundation lectures of the Temple this is a profoundly transformational lecture. When integrated it can liberate you from the idea of linear existence and irrevocable lifetimes. >> SOLTEC


reetings, fellow travelers, it is I, your friend SANAT KUMARA who comes to commune with you this day. As we fill this little Temple with golden white light you are transported into the etheric and as before you are amongst others from your universe and from other dimensions who come here in the spirit of light and learning to this special little place that dearest Melchizedek has manifested. I am honoured to be able to come in this manner and to share some of my knowingness with you, remembering that in truth there is no one truth, it is all a matter of perception. This leads me into a topic which has been requested - of time. Time is such a splendid invention; it is a tool that is unique to the third dimensional existence, to your realm. It is an ingenious manifestation from a Divine Mind in ways that are difficult to conceptualize while you are operating within the realm of time. Time governs, seemingly, the natural laws of your world, your existence at the most fundamental level. From birth to death there is the passage of time and in order to have death or the illusion thereof, time came into existence to create the illusion of having a separate life to other lifetimes.

There is indeed a consciousness that inhabits time. In the human folklore this consciousness is known as Father Time and Father Time does indeed exist. It is the being who allows the Laws to operate within this illusion. This consciousness has the duty or mission to allow a manifestation of time to inhabit your world and to adjust itself to your perceptions. As you well know, time is an elastic thing; it stretches and contracts and all of this must be manifest through the consciousness of the one who embodies time. As you have learned outside of time and the illusion of your physicality, all moments, if we can use such a term, coexist simultaneously. So then, there is no past or future, only that marvelous thing called the Eternal Now. All of time collapses into the 'Now' when you are taken out of the illusion of physical existence. For everything coexists in the one moment; all of your supposed past lives, all of your supposed future lives and even this present life is all occurring in the one instantaneous moment. The term moment is in itself erroneous for it implies a unit or a measurement of time but I have no other words to use for you. The Eternal Now is all of existence operating all at once on every level and therefore you are able to alter the past and shape the future. There is no such thing as a linear sequence of time, for there is no time. The beauty of the illusion of time is that it seems such a straight line between the past, the present and the future while you are living within time. But it is anything but straight for your next earth lifetime could be as a caveman and your last lifetime could have been five million years into the future. As all life experiences within existence are experienced simultaneously so it is that if you change or alter your perception of one particular reality then all other experiences and realities are transformed. In this way not only can you alter a supposed future, but you can alter a supposed past which then, in turn, alters the present and the future for it is all as one. It is a change in perception on your part, a change of your consciousness in how you interact within any given reality which alters all else within existence that is linked to you and to your consciousness. If the human you could grasp this to the point of integration you will be a Master of Time; you would be able to affect all that has occurred, that will occur and is occurring in your human lifetime. However, timelines, the illusion of linear time, was manifested in your world for good reason - to fully support the illusion of you being separated from the rest of Creation and from the Divine, the All That Is. Time is the means by which separation can occur. It is the backbone of the illusion which you occupy. If you take time out of the equation then you cease to be in this illusion at all because then you would become aware of the simultaneous nature of existence; that all lifetimes, all experiences are layered upon each other in differing dimensions and occupying the same space and time, being the Eternal Now.

Do not allow yourself to write the past in stone, like it is concrete and cannot change for this is not so and there is a marvelous consequence of realizing that time does not exist. Within the illusion and duality of your realm there is the illusion that you can be harmed and be harmful - that you can sin, for want of a better term. Often we have said upon the high realms that at a soul level you cannot be touched, you cannot be scarred because the soul itself does not operate within the duality of your realm. It is your human consciousness that operates within the duality yet your human consciousness is an illusion, even though your personality feels so real. Even though this is all that you know while you inhabit this body, it is still part of an illusion. Whatever you do to another and whatever is done to you is impermanent because time is part of this equation. Time shifts according to your perception of reality and existence shapes itself around your perceptions of reality when time is not present. And so it is.

I will give you an example. If in a lifetime you have murdered another, then within the illusion of your world it is appears concrete and absolute that you have done this. The present human consensus would be that this past life has occurred and in that life you were a murderer. Often humans will say 'Yes, in a past life I have done all of these things, both good and bad.' and that is true of that time, but if you take time away you will see that you have a perfectly evolved consciousness. Many lifetimes afterwards you may have evolved so spiritually that in your consciousness you can't even imagine killing another creature or another human being. Knowing in your heart that it is not who you are and that you are not capable of such a thing will then alter that past lifetime, for time is dependent upon your consciousness and in taking away time, there is only the Eternal Now. If your consciousness can no longer sustain or conceive of the idea of killing another then that is what occurs in the Eternal Now. Any lifetime that has occurred when you have harmed another will simply cease to exist because your consciousness will no longer support that reality. It is not as if it is wiped clean or that you have balanced the karma, it is simply that your consciousness has changed and therefore all of your experiences in existence reflect your present consciousness in the eternal ONE moment. Therefore you never did murder for it ceases to be part of that reality in the Eternal Now.

This may not at all be giving an adequate explanation and I do apologize if this is so but I hope that you would follow these words. Underpinning these words is the understanding that is being directed towards you through the energies I bring.

As a parallel I wish to speak on the Christ Consciousness. You are aware that the Christ Consciousness embodies compassion and unconditional love. The Christ Consciousness is also an entity and we have spoken of this before – of ideas and qualities having consciousness. There are magnificent beings such as Christ and Maitreya who take on the vibration of the Christ Consciousness. You will know, of course, Christ as Sananda. These beings allow both the energy of Christ Consciousness and the consciousness of Christ Consciousness to move through them, acting as a conduit. Within your relative world and realm there is indeed such a thing as consequences – that which you would term a karmic wheel but not quite in the way that ones upon the earth usually perceive of this, but there are causes and effects, as you are aware. Within the construct of your reality in this realm there is a perpetual balance that needs to be brought into being at all times. This balance is brought into being through the Law of Karma but the Christ Consciousness offers a way in which, to a degree, karma can be transmuted. This is a beautiful role that Sananda, in particular, has taken upon himself for your earth world. For the balance of the universe requires that any action on your part must be balanced out, whether that action be positive or negative. There is a perception that if you have negative karma it must be balanced out or erased by you by experiencing an atonement or redemption - to not undo that which has gone before but to keep the balance, to right a wrong, so to speak. The Christ Consciousness, Sananda in particular, through service since the dawn of your earth time has always stepped forward in the role of the Christ to be the redeemer. In simplistic terms this has meant that many times, unknown to you, Sananda (and other beings who are conduits for the Christ Consciousness) has stepped forward and stood in your place to balance out karma and take that burden upon himself – to right your wrong and transmute the debt that needed to be paid for the balance to be kept. This has always operated within the realm of free will for you, and Sananda and others are always there for you to call upon to step in, in such a way. These beings know you and they know every thought, every action, every lifetime, every future, every past, Eternal Now, everything about you is known, not judged of course as it is not coming from that perspective. They have enveloped into their own being each and every human upon the earth; to inhabit you, so to speak, as an offering of service. They are able to intimately relieve you of the balance that is required without interfering with the marvelous process of spiritual learning that occurs within your dimension. What a gift, and how much more challenging would life be if Sananda and others had not offered themselves as redeemers for you, for isn't life challenging enough already? Yet do not forget the greater context that even this karma, this balancing that must occur in the natural law within your realm, is part of the illusion.

Well, these are my words to you this day and there is another to follow my friends and I hope this assists you in better understanding the greater reality about you.




Time is the means by which the illusion of separation can occur..

Outside of time everything coexists in the one moment: the Eternal Now.

As all your lifetimes coexist simultaneously, if you change your perception of one reality then all realities are transformed..

All of your experiences in existence reflect your present consciousness in the Eternal Now. As such as you grow spiritually mature any harm you have caused ceases to be for your 'present' consciousness no longer supports this idea. Thus 'sin' is impermanent and cannot touch your soul.

Yet, the Law of Karma exists for us, as a perpetual balance in our realm is required.

Christ Consciousness transmutes karma through ones such as Sananda. Often he has stood in your place to experience your karma so that the balance may be kept.

Such service, however, is given in such a way that it does not interfere with your spiritual learning or free will.

The Law of Karma though relevant, is also an illusion.




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