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This lecture is more like a meditation which beautifully describes in symbolic form a higher perception of time, likening it to an ocean that has its divine tide. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I MELCHIZEDEK. Come into the joy that is yours and the love that bears your name. You come into a marvelous still-point of self; a perfect equilibrium where your wondrous consciousness comes into focus. A remembrance returns and the horizon of you gently expands. You sense that there is community about you as many in spirit form a halo around us - a circle of radiance, a shimmering light of consciousness, all in equilibrium. The strength of this astonishes us as we feel our own consciousness pulled toward this unity and purpose of vision. Those in spirit join us in ways truly transcendent and intimate. As the pulse of life moves amongst us, we sense the life in each other. Make this your focus and as you do so, the pulsation of life begins to reveal itself from all corners of Creation. For once you are attuned then Creation may be felt and experienced in this manner, as if every being in spirit were a heartbeat that you feel. One circle of life.

We do not require direct experience of every soul in existence, as we know their heartbeat is with us and that we, ourselves, are a pulsation that Creation receives - as if Divinity were sending out signals through each and every one of us, knowing that our song brings into Creation a far greater story of ourselves. Come into the peace of this and the inexhaustible comfort of feeling connected, always. Without thought or effort, we simply are this pulsation and are recognisable. Our collective heartbeat echoes across space, time and dimension, as the underlying pulse and voice of Creation. When we bring our focus to it we come into a remembrance that we were once whole, indivisible, singular. You come to a plateau of perfect resonance and harmony and it is exhilarating.

We see about us a vast ocean of energy and begin to immerse ourselves deeply. We dive beneath the surface and pass through this energy-vibration. We feel this ocean. We know that somewhere we are contained within it, as it is familiar but this viewpoint is not. We now perceive all about us, one of the most astonishing and unique manifestations in all of Creation. For we journey now into the ocean of 'time'. It is a living ocean. We sense the tide of time as it ebbs and flows. We feel this movement and see that the surface of this ocean is absolutely beautiful in its iridescence. We see how the Breath of God shimmers across its surface and ripples form. We understand that moments in time are a consequence of this and like an ocean, it has its pull, as the tide of time moves unceasingly toward divine expansion.

Rest upon this ocean. Far below, the currents of time are greater and more keenly felt. It is where life exists within time in your dimension, where the slightest of ripples brings profound momentum to your journey. Yet, here upon the surface, we are perfectly content. Sense the Breath lapping against us through the waters of time. There is great comfort and reassurance to this for we understand the tide leads us outward toward what we desire; the homecoming that we seek. This is your life in 'time', experienced through higher perception. Feel the motion and how there is a rhythm. You become aware that new momentums begin to form and waves of time gently beach against your physical existence. You understand the perfection of this and the certainty that the ocean leads you to somewhere.

We fall deeply once more and find ourselves within the embrace of the Temple of your creation. You are at one with time and space.

I am Melchizedek, adoni. > text © Soltec



There is an underlying pulse within Creation. It is the 'heartbeat' of every soul.

We were once singular before we became divisible by our uniqueness.

Time is an astonishing and unique manifestation and we can liken it to an ocean where time ebbs and flows.

Moments in time are a consequence of the Divine Breath passing over this ocean.

Time pulls us toward Divinity and the homecoming we desire.


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