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Kyrael challenges us to come into our ministry of service. He assures us that we are are more than worthy and cannot fail. I find this lecture inspirational and it encourages me to continue my outreach through this website >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I ARCHANGEL KYRAELwho joins you. We find ourselves outside of space and time, close to the ocean of consciousness. The angelic realm is focused upon this place at present. We find that the Temple is filled with angels. It is a distinct presence. The angelic realm halos Creation, moving through it yet not born of it. To be within the presence of one who is angelic is an unforgettable experience. You perceive reflections of us for our energies are vast and powerful, being in the image of Source and therefore undiluted to a degree. As such, echoes of us go out for we are too powerful to fully present ourselves in our limitless form.

I come to simply give words for your mind and importantly, wisdom for your soul. Much has been spoken of mastery and I wish to bring a simple viewpoint on this. I say to you – when does your ministry begin? As we stand apart from Creation, we of the angelic realm minister to all souls through the omnipotence that is ours. In your human world, all souls have this capacity. When does mastery begin? You may find that there is no clear delineation, no switch that can be flicked and no certificate given. The present is the present. Ministry and mastery, if earmarked for the future shall never arrive. Likewise, if your perception of mastery relies upon an audience, that is to say, if you are waiting for others to present themselves to you so that you may minister to them, then you may wait a very long time. Have not your greatest ministers and masters through the ages, outreached so very closely. Numbers do not matter for you need only touch but a few souls and ripples go outward. Buddha reached few in his earthly existence. Yet, as love and wisdom live on eternally, he has reached thousands-fold more since his own lifetime. Jesus Christ ministered to so very few yet changed half the world. Again, numbers are irrelevant.

Do not wait for an audience. Do not wait for some clear signal. I say to you, do not wait. God has already brought to you those who you can minister to. If this expands then so be it but if it does not, it isn't a limitation for wisdom, love and service live on. Begin now with those who are in your care or who are acquaintances. Begin with yourself. If you say, 'well, I'm not worthy. I'm not ready', then this is what you create. When and how do you know if you are ready? It must begin somewhere, somehow and flows on from there. It starts like a trickle within your consciousness and the more you allow the trickle through, then it begins to build. It then creates pathways to flow into, just as a stream does. The more a stream flows, over time it widens its path until it becomes a river which then meets the ocean. It starts then, with a trickle. So, do not fear that you are not worthy or know so little and therefore cannot lay claim to a ministry toward others. For if your heart is true, you trust in your birthright as a Child of God, you truly wish to integrate your magnificence and you believe in your own radiance, then these things bring mastery to your door. It will flow and expand through you. It doesn't come from your mind or humanness. That is not what you need to rely on. It comes through your soul; the greater consciousness that lies beneath the surface of your human consciousness. It is gratifying to know this, for you need not fear a lack of anything. Your humanness is not where mastery arrives from.

God wishes to speak through you – to speak into the heart of others. This is how God works upon your world. God is constantly interacting with all human souls, through human souls. God is self and the self interacts with self constantly, with no perception of separation between you and the next person. So then, ministering to others is ministering to self. There is no greater, higher or lesser. That is irrelevant. How could you not come into mastery if it is all you; you ministering to 'you' within the illusion of separation.

Angels minister in varying expressions, in an infinite variety of ways, on all levels of existence. Yet, there is a subtle difference between service and ministry. Although it has religious overtones, ministry is service in continuance with intention and greater purpose. It is cohesive. When a child learns to speak, the child does not wait to know the whole dictionary before it utters a word. Why then, do you feel as though you have to know it all before you can begin. We are not all Buddhas or Christs – that would defeat the purpose of having ones such as these who can be such bright, guiding lights. Yet, each of you can light a candle from the greater Light and hold it high to cast its light upon those who surround you.

There is always opportunity to continue to learn, grow and work upon yourself as this is necessary for your human consciousness. It needs to evolve spiritually in order to allow the true self – the God self – to shine through more brightly. It is natural for the human self to believe that at some point in its future it will be better off, more advanced, more awakened and that is when it all shall begin. Ministry. But what happens between the present moment and that future point in order to manifest this? Something must happen. If you wait for your future self to be ready then it shall never be ready. It starts now.

Each has their own definition of mastery and each will have their own flavour of ministry. We angels support you, for you would not have it within your soul to do such a service without the angelic vibration permeating Creation. It is natural and shall come easily, if you allow. The breath of us passes through all souls and so you can call upon the angels to help. To cast aside any doubt or reservations, simply remind yourself that God is ministering through you. You need do nothing but allow. God is immune to failure. There is no such thing. You will find your way and though there may be hiccups and abrasions, it doesn't matter. You can always laugh and allow the beauty of you to sparkle. Delve into your beauty, my friends, it is exquisite.

Enough has been said. The understanding weaves its way through your consciousness. The angels about you are breathing. Perhaps they sing. It is time to make a difference. > text © Soltec



Angels are too powerful to present themselves to us in their limitless form.

Kyrael encourages us to begin our service and ministry.

Both Jesus and Buddha only reached a few in their lifetime but their love and wisdom, over time, has rippled out to reach many more.

So too then, our good deeds and wisdom can touch those about us and through them, others

If you consider yourself not worthy or ready for ministry, then this is what is created. Instead, simply begin and your soul and God will work through you.

As we are all one, ministering to others is ministering to the self..

Ministry is service in continuance and with purpose. It is cohesives.

Each person has their own form of mastery and ministry. Yours will be unique to you.

Remember, God will minister through you if you allow it. So then, your success is assured.



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