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Of all the messages on Mastery this one spells it out the clearest. I really feel encouraged by Akhnaton's words realising that Mastery is possible for both me and you. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones, it is I your good friend AKHNATON. It is the oversoul of I that speaks. Presently, we find that we are joined by those who come from varying dimensions. They are most luminescent for they have travelled far upon their journey toward a spiritual maturation. They would be known as avatars within their own reality, such is their wisdom and ability to radiate what is divinely given. They come as equals amongst you, for identity is irrelevant. In truth, there is only one label that can be used to describe all who are present and that is a 'child of God'. It is a great equaliser and the only commonality throughout Creation. It binds us to each other. Each comes now, within this place of no space and time, not only as an emissary for the Temple but also an emissary for your own realm and people.

The seeds of service have been placed within you by your soul and by your spiritual guides and teachers. Each, at a fundamental level beyond human reckoning, desires to enhance their fellow being and be an agent of positive change. The change I speak of enables others to come into their glory and in so doing, acknowledge and experience the greater glory of existence and the Supreme Intelligence. It is only when you become truly fascinated and enamoured with the beauty within, that you can then inevitably come to acknowledge and understand how magnificent our Creator must be to create the beauty of you. There is no point in idolising God if you do not idolise the self and those who share your existence, for you cannot say that God is great and yet God's children are not.

To be able to cast a mirror before others and invite them to see a reflection of God before them, is an incredible devotion to service. In all realms, we live and lead by example. Your realm is one of the least transparent and so it is easy to wear masks of pretense, even spiritually. It is part of the mechanism and complexity of the human persona. All of the defenses, by which the persona emotionally and psychologically survives, can create a barrier, for who you are is subjective. No other can know you as you truly are, only how it is that you are willing to present yourself.

To cast a mirror before others requires that you can peer into yourself and truly see the face of God before you. It is challenging for all the reasons mentioned. I am not calling for a rapid or intense peeling away of masks for that can be dangerous. Yet, one must begin somewhere at some point. As the mirror before you gradually reflects the reality of Divinity, then the masks that the human mind requires simply slip away to be replaced by a greater protection – the sureness of knowing your place within the cosmos, of owning our God as your parent and yourself as a reflection of that incredible power.

Do you know that the beautiful being that sits beside you from another world or dimension sees you as 'you'. They perceive you as the emissary and child of God that you are. They are in joy and gratitude to be within the radiance of your love and light. You may be thinking, 'how is this so? This is not my perception of myself and I have such a long way to go'. Within the illusion of time perhaps this makes sense and has some credence but here it does not. The you within this Temple is the true 'you' and the benchmark by which your human persona can set itself.

Feelings of unworthiness are merely thoughts the mind has trained itself to believe. They are drawn from a myriad of emotions, mostly negative, that you have integrated through many lifetimes but they are illusionary. It is tempting to require proof or to wish to gain great gifts overnight, to then confirm to yourself, 'Ah yes, I am a radiant being. I am a child of God and I can see through the eyes of a master'. Do you know, a master need do nothing, have no special capacities or great strengths. A spiritual master need only be the child of God that they are. They simply take ownership of this, for as a child of God are not the traits of the parent inbuilt?

Upon your world there are living avatars who simply walk amongst your people. Sometimes the word gets around and great crowds begin to build and ashrams are built and so on. Yet, for the master little changes – they simply walk amongst you and 'be'. Mastery is held within your radiance and the reality of your greater consciousness. It is also a matter of correct intention. To be aware of your radiance (the living light of self) and then bestow it through the service that you choose. Service can be many things. Service is doing, mastery is being and the two can combine spectacularly. Sometimes masters choose to just 'be'. Sometimes masters choose to channel this 'being' into the direction of service. Either way, to wish to come into one's mastery for the self alone is the surest way to latch the door. There is great excitement and anticipation with every step upon your path. This is how it should be, for it is delightful to be you; to be alive, expanded and open spiritually. Yet, greater still is the path itself than its destination. Where is it leading to?

To see through the eyes of a master means to pause upon your path. You then turn to face those who come behind you, to encourage them and be the light by which the path may be found. This grows you immeasurably for the more that you are able to give to others, the more radiance is brought to you as a gift from your God. God moves both independently and through Its creations. It is one of those Divine Paradoxes; to move forward on your path you must stand still and help others. So I simply come this day to say, begin to place at the forefront of your consciousness the goal as being something other than what pleases you, for then the gateways are always open. If you set aside your own ambitions spiritually, to focus upon the giving to others, then you will find that as you stand still, your location changes and you are moved far beyond the point where you did begin. That is Divinity for you. It is the sign of a great avatar and one who is spiritually mature, to discard ambition. Many of your great texts have made this known. Yet, it does not mean that you cease to be able to achieve all that you would hope to. It no longer becomes the motivation and therefore is not limited to your desire, rather, the greater desire of God can manifest through you. It will always be vastly superior and more fulfilling. Within such a climate all needs are attended to by Divinity.

Well, I have gone on. Know it is the energies which brings expansion for there is no training to be a master. And I am Akhnaton, adonai. > text © Soltec



Your soul desires you be in service and an agent of positive change.

We cannot say that God is great, yet we as a child of God, are not.

To truly help others, it is necessary to perceive the God within you and so then, in others.

To do this requires a gradual removal of some of the mind's protective masks so that your divinity can reveal itself.

Feelings of unworthiness are simply thoughts your mind has trained itself to believe over many lifetimes.

A spiritual master need only acknowledge and allow themselves to be the child of God that they are. This is possible for you.

A correct intention and awareness of your radiance is also part of this process.

To wish to come into mastery for yourself alone will block the way.

To truly move forward on your spiritual path you must stand still to help others.

When you release your own spiritual ambitions to focus on others, Divinity moves you forward on your path, far beyond where you paused to be in service.

In this way, the greater desire of God can work through you.



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