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Human Mastery is one of our greatest challenges but the Cosmic Buddha gives us insights to assist us >> SOLTEC


eetings dearest ones, it is I the Cosmic Buddha who journeys to you this day, you come into your magnificence, you, pass through the gateway of your Temple arriving into your higher consciousness. You you come into the symmetry that is formed and bring completion to it. You come into the One Breath. You sense always the movement - consciousness in motion. You come into higher consciousness yet maintain the human awareness. And humanness has its own guidance, its own wisdom though you look beyond its borders to these higher realms for higher sustenance. Yet humanness has its consciousness and God brings all consciousness spiritual understanding.

To master your humanness is more than rising above it or containing the emotions. A master in human form seeks out, embraces and reveals that which Divinity placed in human consciousness of Itself. It is differing than seeking the God within. For although this is paramount, there is point of difference. Deepen your awareness, there is a template to the human form and its consciousness. There are templates throughout existence and each is a book of wisdom encoded by Divine Hand and beyond and there is an unravelling to the human consciousness taking place across space and time. So that which is hidden and is encoded can come into revelation. It is through the unravelling that a point of mastery in human form may present itself.

I say to you, there is no effort to being a master in ascended form, that is to say, the ascended ones are as they are and a journey did not necessarily place them there - these words are not accurate. Yet, human mastery is then in many ways a higher prize for there is effort to this, in the human scheme of things. For one must be conscious and choose to be so and work against the grain of society in this regard, do you see. This is one reason why there have been those of the ascended realm who have walked your earth and other physical worlds in human form and consciousness. For they prized, not only the service, but the deepening of wisdom that human spirit holds. There is temptation to view human spirit as somehow diminished by comparison to those whom you love as Masters. They will tell you otherwise. As to why, you understand there is simply difference and each consciousness bears its wondrous jewel; the gift given by Divinity and Spirit, sealed within each template of each form that Divinity takes within Creation.

Perhaps the greatest facilitator of advancement upon your world, within your realm, is the opportunity of ‘free will’ - this you know. It stands apart the human spiritual evolution and human spiritual opportunity. It stands it apart from the other dimensions and higher realms. It is where mastery germinates from. It is where beauty and love are sown as seeds and blossom. ‘Choice’, uniquely part of the human template of the physical realm is such a prize, for it underpins the humanity of you and it keeps open the gateway into ascendancy. The human realm and your physical dimension, despite the existence of what you call the ‘veil’, is in fact borderless, do you see. It is borderless because you have free will and choice and at any moment humanity can choose to no longer see or perceive that it is contained. Physicality by its very nature is a barrier, this we understand, but humanness is not defined only by its physicality and the human consciousness can usurp the body at any time and I speak not of what you call ‘death’, nor passing into spirit for that is part of the cycle. I speak of the template, the unravelling, a coming into the true wisdom of humanness and then to be transported by what is discovered and revealed into higher planes of existence, not tethered to what you term as ‘astral’ or ‘spirit’.

We have said this before; to create is to also uncreate, to dismantle, to release. The doorway is always open for humanity - the doorway of non-physicality. Such a commitment does the majority of your world have to its creations within the physical, such an attachment and wonderment to its explorations of flesh and blood and such attachment to what brings misfortune and cycles of inhumanity. And so then the doorway is not perceived and a threshold is kept. I say this to you for you are of your world and play your part. Deepen your compassion for those who do not see, whom have forgotten to look, so then do you come as reminder, do you come as remembrance and recollection. As you remember and recollect and as you are reminded by those who care and guide you, is this then part of your service and your uncreating? For you understand that you move as one with your species.

These are words enough to consider and new layers of comprehension will come of that which I speak plainly. New Buddha’s come into your world, know that this to be true and they are not recognisable by perceptions of the past, only by those, who seek the higher wisdom. One shall come for I have sent them.

And these are my words this day and I am the Cosmic Buddha, Adonai. > text © Soltec



Being human has its own in-built spiritual wisdom encoded by God.

Gaining human mastery is prized because of the effort involved.

The greatest opportunity to gain human mastery is through Free Will which gives us choice.

Free Will makes our physical dimension borderless.



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