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It is a fascinating message which Sanat Kumara proposes; that any sense of ancientness on our planet is an illusion as all exists within the perpetual Now. The appearance of geological history is simply appearance only. >> SOLTEC


reetings dearest ones it is I, SANAT KUMARA who comes to speak to you this day. I wish to speak on what you would term 'age'. Time is not sequential and is an illusion. Age is also not sequential and is not as it would seem. It is an illusion. Within your third dimensional realm where time is manifest, eons have passed. There is evidence of this all about you. This includes the changing of the topography of your world, the unearthing of artifacts from thousands if not millions of years ago and all of the creatures who once walked upon your earth and the mountains that did exist and do no more. Your world has been reshaped time and time again and it gives humanity great insight, wonderment and pleasure to discover what has gone before and to reveal the secrets that are buried beneath the earth and oceans. There are countless museums that house the relics of times gone by.

The prevailing thought is that you as a species developed over eons of time with a slow evolutionary progression. Yet as spiritual people you know there has been an evolution of a differing nature but I would say to you that this concept of age is truly an illusion. There is nothing in your world that is millions of years old let alone thousands or even hundreds of years old. For within the illusion of this construct of time that you occupy, there is an experience of this being so. It is subjective to your species and to the common consensus surrounding the reality that you occupy in order to grow your soul. I say to you that these artifacts, these relics, the mountains that have come and gone, have done so instantaneously. It is there as part of your experience but in truth it is not there at all. Our Creator can manifest the most ancient piece of rock in an instant. It would be an instant, but to you it would look to be millions of years old. Our Creator knows no limitation and for our Creator to create that which would seemingly be ancient, is absolutely possible.

The galaxies which surround you and the one you are within as well as your physical universe is but an instant old yet it is measured by your time as millions, if not billions, of years old. It is part of the superb ingeniousness of the illusion that our Creator has given you. It is but an instant old. Outside of the space-time continuum all is in the Now. As it is all within the Now, to give the experience of something being ancient is simply that, an 'experience'. Nothing can be made old, for it is within the perpetual Now. I trust that you are following my thoughts in this regard. Not only is the physicality an illusion, not only is sequential time an illusion, but so is the concept of geological history. In the instant you experience past civilizations (as indeed there has been) you in truth experience them in the Now while you are within a particular incarnation. Yet when you are not within that particular incarnation, the civilization ceases to be. It has no history and does not exist within the confines of time yet you experience the illusion of such. You experience the attention to detail, so to speak, that our Creator affords us - the whole package of this illusion, the eons of geology, the millions of years of civilization, all are but one instant old.

Well, it is food for thought and it does not serve any other purpose than this. It does not impact on how it is that you are weaving your way through this lifetime except for you to go: "ah, perhaps I can look at the past with differing eyes". Just as our Creator can in an instant make all that is ancient, so then the future can manifest here, also within that same instance. There have been many future relics found hidden and ignored. There are some astonishing future relics upon your globe and I would say to you that your beautiful crop circles are such a thing. They are of the future but the future is an illusion also.

Dearest ones, it is an interesting world within which you live and such is the absolute majesty of this illusion. It never ceases to amaze, it never ceases to reflect the Supreme Intelligence. What a wonderful playground for you all. Well, my love and light this day.

I AM SANAT KUMARA, ADONAI. > text © Soltec



The concept of age is an illusion; there is nothing upon our Earth that is millions, thousands or even hundreds of years olds.

All within the physical has come and gone instantaneously for our Creator manifests the most ancient piece of rock in an instant.

Outside the space-time continuum all is within the Now so nothing can in truth be 'old', but an experience of being ancient can be undertaken by being submerged in 'time'.





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